Going the extra mile: Travel essentials for your business

There are modern technologies that can help you manage your business efficiently to save costs, provide a better service and keep your drivers safe on the road. Here are just some business travel essentials you and your company can benefit from.


Use advanced data to monitor how your fleet are driving. It can be important for brand management, for the safety of your employees and for other road users that your drivers are safe on the road. Mark each vehicle with a Telematics Module device to monitor how safely they are driving, from sticking to speed limits to braking harshly. From this data you’ll be able to assess your drivers and highlight any potential risk. Use this data to provide more training before letting them back on the road. Some telematics devices also report any indication of impact, which can help keep your fleet safe on the road.

Business breakdown service

This may sound like an obvious tip, but did you know you can benefit from having business specific breakdown service? This type of commercial breakdown service provides cover for all kinds of vehicles, from cars and vans to trucks and large HGVs. A breakdown can be expensive in both repairs and downtime as it means you won’t be able to continue working. Business breakdown cover gives you the reassurance that someone will be able to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Navigation system
When managing a fleet of vehicles you’ll want to know that they are using their time efficiently. A good way to manage this is to provide each vehicle with a GPS navigation system to ensure they’re taking the quickest routes when traveling from A to B. It’ll also mean they are less likely to get lost and waste precious time that could be spent more productively, seeing clients or customers. An added bonus is that, in the unfortunate event of a vehicle breaking down, you’ll be able to give the exact location and coordinates from the navigation system to your breakdown provider for a quicker callout service.

Fuel cards for controlled spends
Managing a fleet can occur high costs if you’re not careful, especially if your employees are racking up the mileage traveling across country. A fuel card is a great essential to roll out, no matter how many vehicles you have on your books. It helps you keep track of exactly what you’re spending and what mileage you’re getting back in return. This is helpful when managing expenses and it puts the control back in your hands when your fleet are on the road. Some cards even have added deals and discounts to acquire.

Hands free calling

Sometimes you’ll need to contact your fleet when they’re on the road. But, as safety is always a high priority, you’ll need to provide a system to do this safely. If your vehicles are relatively old, without a modern built-in system, select removable hands free calling devices. This type of technology has seen a growth and long gone are the days of clunky Bluetooth headsets. Most Bluetooth car adaptors fit in the cigarette lighter and have USB ports, which allows your drivers to charge their phones safely on the move.

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