Mumpreneur profile: Aisha of Little Wren

My name is Aisha Alkhaja and I am 35 years old

My family consists of my husband John who co-founded Little Wren with me. We have one son called Lawrence (aka Wren) who has just turned two years old on the 6th of September 2018.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree is Marketing Management. I have worked as a marketing executive, event planner, online marketing manager,  but I have also worked in retail as a customer assistant and in a hospital in medical records. So it has been a bit varied to say the least. For the past five years I have thought about starting my own business. I had the desire, I just didn’t have an idea that I settled on until I became pregnant with Lawrence, this sparked the idea to create an e-boutique with independent and quirky brands available under one roof.

Little Wren was launched on September 6th, 2017 which was our son’s birthday. He is the inspiration behind the brand so it seemed appropriate to launch it on the celebration of his birth.

When I was pregnant I started searching for cool items for our son. I wanted to try and find unique items that wouldn’t be found in high street shops. After a lot of research, I found some great brands and I ordered from them. Once my son arrived of course we dressed him in the clothes from these brands and I loved them so much! After a few wears, I got an idea of which ones were good quality and maintained their style even after multiple washes. It was then it occurred to me that it would be great to create a brand that housed all of these fantastic brands so that other parents could find them easier that I did.

My favourite thing about the business is finding new brands and learning their story and what inspired the brand. Most of the brands I stock are independent brands that have been started by a parent like myself that saw a gap in the market. I am constantly amazed and inspired by these brands.

I do feel that I miss out on time with my son. It can be hard at times to balance work life and home life. However, I am fortunate that my husband and I are both in the same boat and are able to juggle things together so our son isn’t missing out on time with us.

I think what has worked well about the business is that the items we curate for Little Wren are independent brands that are style led, modern and unique. This is what I think attracts parents that are looking for something different to what is readily available on the high street. Plus, they are getting quality. Most of our products are tested by Lawrence to ensure they withstand the test of childhood mess. He has even tested out some of the girls’ leggings and tops… We are that dedicated!

In 5 years I would love to be a leader in the online retail space for children and I also hope to have our own Little Wren collection of clothes and homeware.

Visit Little Wren and check out their site here:


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