Protecting a burgeoning business from malicious legal action

Facilitating growth in a new startup comes with plenty of challenges, so you don’t need things being complicated further with the presence of a lawsuit being brought against your company. Being sued can have significant financial repercussions and it’s a stressful process when you’re not sufficiently prepared. Without the proper defence strategy and response, a startup could be put out of business when faced with vexatious litigation. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to protect yourself from such consequences by heeding the following advice.

Obtain Professional Assistance ASAP

First, before you start negotiating or preparing documents, it’s imperative that you consult with qualified corporate solicitors about your case. You’ll want to speak with a group of reputable professionals who have experience with commercial business lawsuits. Corporate solicitors like Harper James Solicitorsspecialise in defending business of all sizes against lawsuits, so scheduling a consultation with a firm like this would be an ideal first step to take if you’re concerned about encountering a lawsuit in the near future.

Minimise Liability Risks

Aside from seeking professional guidance, it’s also wise to implement preventative measures that reduce liability, such as posting a legal disclaimer and terms & conditions page on your website, and within any supplier/client contracts. Likewise, since it’s possible to be sued for the actions of an employee, it’s important to thoroughly educate all staff members about their duties and responsibilities to ensure that everyone is prepared to minimise company liability within their individual roles. Additionally, you should schedule routine maintenance and inspections on all equipment and inventory to avoid the possibility of mishaps and damages related to poor management.

Address Concerns and Complaints

Oftentimes, lawsuits arise when an individual is disgruntled about the way your company dealt with them. Addressing concerns and complaints in a timely manner can help improve satisfaction rates and will greatly reduce the likelihood of encountering frivolous lawsuits. For this reason, it’s important to have a reliable complaint system that clients can use to bring their concerns before managerial employees so that it is heard and responded to quickly. When issues are swept under the rug by lower level employees, that’s when you wind up facing an adversary who may be upset enough to sue.

Preparing for the Possibility of a Frivolous Lawsuit

Frivolous lawsuits aren’t common in the UK, but they do happen enough to be labelled a concern for startups that wouldn’t be able to afford such a hiccup in the early days. Instead of waiting to be threatened with a lawsuit before seeking guidance, it’s best to go ahead and network with a solid firm that you can quickly call upon if needed. Having a team of top-notch solicitors on standby will ensure that you’re never caught off guard or unprepared in the face of potentially damaging litigation. By heeding the tips above, you can be certain that you’ve minimisedthe possibility of facing a lawsuit and are capable of properly defending yourself in the event that the claim isn’t dismissed by the courts.

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