Reinventing the professional you after parenthood

Life changing events do not come any bigger than having a baby. It sounds like an obvious statement, but it’s not until you experience it that you really understand how profoundly true it is. Even your name has changed – now, you are Mum and the person you were begins to seem like someone from a different world.

That is a fact that comes sharply into focus for those who choose to return to work after a period of maternity leave. On the surface, everything looks more or less the same, but it is not. There might have been some changes in personnel and working practices during your absence, but the biggest change is from within. You’re a different person now, and so perhaps it should come as no surprise that many new mums decide this is the moment to change their professional lives too.

There’s no better time to reinvent yourself into a new you and move towards what you really wanted to do with life. Here are some ideas as to how you might achieve a new professional you after joining the parents club.

Transition to a new role

If you like the company but feel it is time to try something a little different, explore what other roles might be available. It is always easier from the inside, and after all, the company knows you as well as you know it. With a foot in the door, you already have that head-start in moving your career in the direction you want it to take. This is also a perfect opportunity to explore family-friendly options like reduced hours or remote working.

Hit the reset

Of course, the above possibility started with a very big if. Many of us end up in jobs that we don’t find particularly rewarding or enjoyable almost by accident, due to that desire on leaving school to find something, anything, to get a start. You’re older and wiser now, and probably have a better idea of what you really want to do. For example, if you want to get into nursing, there are plenty of healthcare jobs out there that do not necessarily require medical experience. Even if it is a job as an administrator or a receptionist, it is all about taking steps in the direction you really want to go.

Turn your hobby into a business

In the 21st century, doing what you enjoy for a living is really not so much to ask. Enjoy writing? It costs next to nothing to set up a blog, and once you start getting reasonable amounts of traffic, you can look to monetise it. There are also plenty of freelance writing opportunities creating content for other websites in sectors that interest you. Love baking? A bespoke cake business can be highly lucrative. The great thing with working in this way is that you can set your own hours – just be aware that from a financial perspective, you will need to put more in to get more out.

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