How to make your business card stand out

In the business world, there are many different ways to make yourself stand out and have people remember your name. Many business owners use business cards to spread the word of their business and hand out at important networking events. Of course, with so many business cards being passed out at these events, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. Some people hire custom business card printing services to attract attention, but I’ve still yet to check these out myself. Here, we are going to give you some tips on how to achieve this. Keep reading to find out more.

Make It Thicker

Business cards usually come in a similar thickness but if you want to make your business card stand out then consider using a card that is a little thicker. This will make it more likely to last a little longer and not get ruined before the client has a chance to give you a call. Consider using a firm card which will give a strong impression and show off your brand right from the get-go. This might be a little pricier than a thin card,but it will be worth it in the end.

Use A Personalised Stamp

When your entire business card is printed using the same colour of ink and font, you won’t find that any parts of it stand out to the potential client. This is why you should think about investing in some personalised stamps like those available from The stamps that they offer can be personalised to your exact needs, enabling you to add your logo to the card or even a call to action which could encourage the client to use the card in the future. This will really make your business card stand out against all of the others in the wallet of the potential client.

Make It Personal

Another great way to make your business card stand out is to make it a little more personal. When you are handing out business cards and receiving them from others at a conference, it can be difficult to remember the individual who gave it to you. This is why, by adding a personal message to the card, you can easily make it have more of an impact. Think about writing on the card a message about where you met or information about what you chatted about. This can make a big impact and it can really change how the person uses your business card in the future.

Use Colour

Although you might want to make your business card look as professional as possible, a little colour can really make a difference If you don’t fancy making the whole business card a stand out colour then consider the colour of the font on it. In a pile of six or seven business cards, your brightly coloured card can really stand out. Don’t be afraid to use colour as this can make a huge difference to how your card stands out.

Add A Call To Action

When you are marketing your business, you need to make sure that you include a call to action which alert the customer or client of something that they can do right away. This includes things like ‘click here’ or ‘call us’ and it can really encourage them to actually go through with it. Passing out business cards is just another form of marketing and this is why you need to make sure that you add a call to action to your business card. If you can get the client to do something with your card right away then, even if it is as simple as visiting your social media channels, you will make a huge difference.

Change The Feel

Our final tip for those who want to make their business card stand out is to change how it feels. Although we have already discussed changing the thickness of your business card, this change is a little difference. Think about adding a sort of foil texture to your card or making parts of it a little raised. You will see that when people receive your business card that they notice the feel immediately and that they might be more likely to remember it. Although this is not the standard practice for business cards, you will find that some companies who print them will offer different services such as changing how it feels. Try this out if you want to make a better impression and get a few more calls in the future.


If you want to make your business card stand out, then make sure to try out some of the ideas that we have given you in this article. Consider changing the feel of your business card by adding another texture or increasing the thickness. You should also invest in some personalised stamps to add something a little extra to your cards.

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