Tips for creating the perfect family holiday

Holidays are important in families.  It gives you all the chance to bond and enjoy some quality time together and get away from everyday stresses and strains. Because of this, there can then sometimes be added pressure to make everything perfect, from booking the right hotel – to making sure the correct swimming costumes have been packed.  We’ve put a list of some top tips that could help you have the perfect holiday.

Think about the Kind of Holiday you Would Like

What kind of holiday would you like as a family?  It could be that you are looking for something that’s relaxing – so you can get a little bit of rest, or it could be that you want something that’s a little bit on the adventurous side.  Have a think about the kind of activities that you would like to do when you are there, whether it be lazing about on the beach – to camping out in the wilderness with the best tents from  This will help you narrow down your options and pick the best destination.

How Far are you Willing to Travel?

This will, of course, affect your destination country.  Be practical and realistic when you are deciding on this. Do you have young kids that need to be entertained on the flight?  Is anyone in your family a nervous flyer?  Long-haul flights also tend to be more expensive – you need to consider whether or notthat would fit in with your budget.  You will also want to consider the length of time you have available.  If you only have a week off – then you may not want to spend a huge amount of time getting there.  You want to make sure you spend most of your holiday time actually on holiday and not travelling.

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Look at User Generated Reviews

If you have narrowed down your options – but haven’t entirely made a decision – it’s always a good idea to find out what previous customers think.  If there aren’t any reviews visible on the website that you are booking the holiday on, check their social media channels and have a look at their star rating.  You can also do a quick search on the airline, and hotel on Google – which will pull any negativity to the forefront quickly for you.  If you do see anything that’s not favourable, have a look and see whether the customer got a response or not.  It’s not impossible that it’s an unfair representation of the service, and if the company responds in an effective manner – make sure you take that on board.

Consider a Villa Over a Hotel

Depending on the type of holiday you are going for – a villa could be a better option than a hotel for you.  If you have a fairly big family, it could mean that you have your own private pool, kitchen – and just some privacy to do what you would like to do.  It can also be more cost-effective.  When you book onto a hotel – you usually need to pay per person, whereas if you book a villa – you tend to pay a set price for your length of stay.  Make sure that the villa isn’t too far out of the main attractions – and nearby enough to enjoy everything your holiday destination has to offer.

Create a Holiday Checklist

The last thing you need when you are going on holiday is to forget something.  Of course, there are shops when you are travelling, but it can still be a hassle and cause a lot of stress.  If you create a checklist of things that you need to pack and remember, this will make life much easier for you.  You can cross off as you go – and be safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need when you get there.  If you make sure you have everything packed and onboard – it can also save you money that you can then spend on your holiday when you get there.

Get Transfers Sorted

Getting to and from airports can be more important than you think.  Do you get public transport, do you get a taxi, or do you drive? I’ve never trusted the taxi dispatch software the cabbies use abroad, so it’s public transport for me. A lot of it is dependent on the airport you are flying from.  Birmingham airport parking is incredibly convenient and a great choice when flying from there. Parking at Birmingham airport is also cost-effective when you use the likes of to book in advance. They offer options to cover all kinds of groups and budgets to make sure that you have a stress-free experience upon arriving at the airport.  You then need to think about what happens when you arrive.  A bad coach journey can ruin the beginning of your holiday – so you may want to consider a private hire car when you get there.  That way you can get to where you need to be seamlessly.

Book and Plan Trips in Advance

Make sure you do your research of the local area before you go on holiday.  Get a feel for what’s around locally – and get a true sense of what your destination has to offer.  It could be that you want to taste the local cuisine and want a real authentic experience when you are there – or you want to indulge an adrenaline rush and book in some water sports.  Leaving things until the last minute may mean that you don’t get to do what you want to – and the costs could go up substantially.  If you plan things in advance for when you get there, you won’t be disappointed and know you have experienced what you want to.

Bring Some Entertainment

When you are at home with the kids, it can be all too easy for them (and you) – to be distracted by what’s on television, or whatever apps are on mobile phones and tablets.  It’s not often you get the chance to sit down and play a board game or get out a deck of cards.  Make sure you make the most of your family time together and plan some activities that will bond you together. Sometimes simple activities like that can be the most fun. So if you want to play board games with the family, visit the site and pick your best choice.

Plan your Next Holiday when you are there

When the holiday is coming to an end, and those dreaded “holiday blues” can begin to set in – make sure that you don’t let that happen.  At the end of your trip, start to discuss what you would like to do as a family on your next trip.  Make sure everyone is involved and has their say.  It gives everyone something to look forward to when you return home, rather than being hit with the harsh sense of reality that you are home after having such a great time. Make sure you end your trip on a high note.

If you are in the process of planning your holiday for this summer – make sure you involve everyone and take some of our handy tips on board for the perfect trip. Preparation is definitely the key to the perfect holiday.

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