Common Mistakes to Avoid While Refurbishing Your Home

There are few things as daunting as a home renovation. It starts innocently enough. Weather you want to sell your house or have a quick virtual staging, getting your home renovated is a great idea. Clothes are spilling out of your wardrobe, and you wonder if you finally need to invest in a bigger one. You find unappealing paint blisters on the kitchen walls. There’s termite damage on the woodwork, and you have to throw in the towel. But what you expected to be a simple task keeps on stretching. You find out that there’s a leak because of corrosion in the pipework. While fixing it, the contractor finds a problem with the other pipes. Before you know it, your expenses and timeline keep on increasing. But not to worry, here are some common mistakes that you can avoid as you take on this monstrous feat. 

Budget everything!

Don’t start something blindfolded. Map out the tasks you want to complete and allocate a budget. It is generally a good idea to spend on items for their practical rather than ornamental value. Wooden flooring is attractive but is it really a great idea for a kitchen, that is exposed to heat and water every day. Internal glazed doors are great for kitchen and living room, but not for the office because they allow for intrusion from other residents. Set an estimate for the money you intend to spend on sprucing the house. On the safe side, choose a number that is slightly bigger than the actual calculations since renovations generally end up costing more than you expected them to. 

Know your limits

You may have an aptitude for interior design. You may know how to fix the kitchen faucet when it starts sprinkling water all over the place. But your amateur knowledge is in no way equal to the experience and skill of a professional contractor. Don’t try to cut costs on this front. Hire a good architect who can plan your renovations in conjunction with a contractor to ensure all the changes and additions you want to do will be structurally sound.

Moreover, an interior designer may seem like a cosmetic cost, but it isn’t. They can help you plan your ‘new’ home by implementing your vision. Moreover, they may also help you keep well within the budget by making use of the elements you already have available. It pays in the long run! Go here if you decided to sell your property and are considering at the moment interior design options.

Don’t forget legalities

If you’re going to make significant structural changes to your house or apartment, you will need to get a go-ahead from local authorities. Renovations that do not conform to the municipal or district construction regulations are mostly torn down. Not to mention, you could also be penalised. Get a permit before you begin construction work. 

Moreover, when it comes to your agreement with the contractor, it should be formalised. Sign a contract that lists all of the jobs you have hired them for. It should also record the sequence in which work should be done and a flexible timeline allocated for the purpose. No matter how great a contractor you hire, you cannot hold them responsible unless you have a legal document to prove it. 

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