5 simple yet effective ways to manage your work anxiety

Opening this article means that you’re probably familiar with the terrible feeling of anxiety and overwhelming concern that can completely overpower you whilst you’re at work. It might be your workload, it could be your boss, other colleagues, the constant worry that you’re not good enough, it could be a huge number of other factors that when combined make you feel completely trapped and tight chested. Anxiety manifests itself for a number of reasons and in a huge number of different ways, anyone who suffers with it will probably have an experience that is completely different to someone else. Although its important to remember that any kind of anxiety is valid and should be addressed.

Read on for 5 simple, yet effective ways to manage your work anxiety.

Get the tools you need

If there’s a particular aspect of your work that causes you to have an attack, then consider ways that might help ease the tension and the rising panic that you feel. If phoning a particular customer fills you with dread then ask someone to sit in on the call with you, if you’re concerned about getting citations incorrect or your worried about plagiarism, then consider investing in an MLA citations programme or a plagiarism checker to help share the burden you’re feeling – you can create MLA citations by clicking the link. If you feel you can, reach out to your superior and explain that you need help, they’ll be more than happy to support and provide you with solutions to help reduce the possibility of an anxiety attack.

Get away from your desk

That feeling of being completely overwhelmed is one you can sometimes feel building, and other times it takes over without warning. You can try to manage this by getting up and away from your computer. Go for a little walk outside just to get some fresh air, or if this isn’t possible, just walk around the office, take the stairs to the next floor etc. Sometimes the act of simply moving your body can be enough of a distraction to allow your anxiety to pass.

Get some green space

We spend a lot of our time indoors and staring a screens. It’s been proven that spending as little as 20 minutes a day in nature or in green, open areas is enough to lower your blood pressure and your stress levels. Try going for a walk on your lunch break, sitting under a tree and enjoying nature.

Get your breathing in check

In through the nose and out through the mouth. Focusing on your breathing technique will help you to relax and concentrate on something other than your anxiety. Close your eyes if it helps. Always remember to breathe.

Remember it will end!

When you’re suffering with your anxiety, its often made worse because it feels as though it will never end. You can help yourself through it by telling yourself that this state is only temporary, that it’s a cycle and it will pass soon.

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