Parents in business: Loren of Cambridge Weight Plan

Hi I am Loren Knight, aged 28. I am married to my childhood sweetheart and I have two children, Scarlett 7 and Mason 4.

Before I decided to run my own business, I was a full time Finance Manager for a multi-million pound company. I wasn’t happy with my workplace as I was victim of workplace bullying so for me that was the drive to make the transition. It happened a lot faster than I had anticipated.

I started my business in July 2017 and I was fully self employed by December 2018! It was a natural process for me to launch my business as I had lost 6 stones and I found a passion or nutrition and supporting others to change their life like I had changed mine.

My favourite thing about running my business is that I can earn money whilst being a full-time mummy for both of my two children. I will never miss a school play/trip again and I won’t ever hand over my children to someone else when they feel unwell because I can be here for them myself. That is important to me.

The least thing I enjoy about running my business is I seem to do more housework hahaha. It’s hard to ignore it when you are working from home.

The thing that has worked well with my business is the fact I put myself out there. I ensure I am known within my community. That works for me.

My biggest mistake was becoming complacent and taking my foot off the gas. I soon realised that you need to keep pushing a business forward as if it is brand new.

My clients are booked in weekly around any family dates I have in the diary. It works very well. I am my own boss so I get to plan my own time.

I have a financial goal in mind which would set myself and my family up meaning we would want for nothing. I will get there. I am determined.

I have had a few moments where I have succeeded targets such as being an award winner, landing slots on the radio, magazines and seeing my name in lights but I wouldn’t say I have made it yet. How does that feel? I’m not even sure I will know when that does happen.

In five years time I hope to be a champion for my region with a team across the UK making a difference to peoples lives. I want to be an inspiration to as many as I can. For them to say because of you I have changed my life!

I would love to expand my team. I work closely with each of my members ensuring they are fully trained and have as many business growth opportunities as possible. If they are committed to putting in the effort their business will always grow. You can be a weight loss consultant part time or full time. You can see 100+ clients or just two. The business that is built is entirely up to the individual. All profits made are their own and there isn’t any commission at all. Just lots of perks.

I am happy to offer all Essex located slimmers 10% off their weekly plan. I see all of my clients face to face weekly on a one to one basis. I ensure the plan is adapted to suit their lifestyle. My aim is to release their inner butterfly and provide them with the tools to change their mindset and relationship towards food to keep their weight off forever.

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