How even big businesses can embrace a family run ethos

If you have a successful business, it’s important to instil a strong sense of work ethic within your employees. Essentially, your employees are the life blood of your business. They make sure that every part of it is running smoothly and that all of your customers get a fantastic experience. Even a large global business can run on a family-run ethos. Here is how you do the same!

Focus on your employees

Your business is a family. Every employee, no matter how important their position is, matters and has their role to play. That’s why it’s important to show you appreciate this and take their opinions into account. You need to ensure that all of your employees are happy with their work. If they are going through a period of stress, make sure that the work environment is comfortable and helps them progress with their workload. 

If you notice that they are unhappy, you may even want to introduce an Employee Assistance Programme from LifeWorks. That way your employees will feel comfortable enough to voice their concerns and you will be able to know how to handle them. Making sure your workers feel happy is one of the main ways that you can embrace a family run ethos. If everyone is happy, then they will feel proud to be part of your brand – aka, your work family. 

Commitment and Purpose

One of the best things about a family run business is the sense of purpose it gives people. Family ethos’ are meant to unite workers under one idea. Whether that’s providing good customer service, giving workers a flexible work-life balanceor just making sure both your clients, investors and staff are happy, it’s entirely up to you. Pick a theme that describes your company perfectly, that you can base all of your values on. This should ensure that marketing campaigns become much easier, as it means that you can base them around your company ethos and policies. 

Decreased Costs

You need to make sure that all of your employees feel like they are being rewarded for working hard for your firm. No client should be left behind and, instead, should feel like they are truly working as part of a team. That’s why it’s important to have a potential discount scheme where your employees can purchase products at a lower cost. No matter what sort of business you run, it could be a luxury product company or a book store, if you lower the costs for your employees, this will make them feel like they are part of a group that gets special perks.


Part of running a business founded on a “family run ethos” is the idea that you give experience to new workers. It’s important to care about the younger generation and provide internships, entry-level positions and apprenticeships. That way they can get their foot into the industry and you can help them gain the professional position that they deserve. Help them learn about the profession they want to get into – that way you, and your family run ethos, can be the main reason behind their success.

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