Refresh your work wardrobe this spring

As the warmer months approach, it can be hard to find clothes that allow for the relaxation of the holiday season while still being work appropriate. This spring, make sure your wardrobe reflects the importance of taking time for yourself, with versatile pieces that can be worn in the office, to drinks with friends, or on a beach holiday abroad.


Incorporating smart-casual pieces such as suits and jumpsuits are a great way to dress for professional or social occasions. While the winter months often see a lot of neutral tones, spring and summer allow for greater individuality, with bursts of colours or bold new prints. Emma Willis’ latest collection with Next features a range of casual suits and jumpsuits in striking pops of red and blue.

“In the winter it’s navy, black, cream, white – simple colours – and then summer comes, and I’m a different human. Bright colours, patterns… as the years tick by I’m embracing much more.”

Bringing bright colours and patterns into more conservative-style pieces is a great way of embracing the freedom of the season while still being office-appropriate. And you can wear them straight to post-work drinks afterwards.


Although the spring and summer months should offer time to relax, they can be incredibly busy. Juggling work, family and social activities while still trying to look stylish can seem impossible. When it comes to dresses, prioritise comfort and simplicity – pieces that allow you to stay active and don’t restrict your movement.

The Emma Willis Collection features a stunning range of floaty boho-chic dresses, and Emma admits these are her favourites because of their versatility.

“I would say my favourite pieces in this collection are surprisingly all the dresses…They’re really easy to wear, really versatile, you can wear them to work or out to drinks, they cover up in all the right places. I am for the first time in my life saying that dresses are my favourite bit.”

Continue this philosophy when it comes to footwear by championing sandals and flats – shoes which are flattering yet practical and ideal for work, social or family activities.


Spring and summer are great times for personal growth, offering chances to take time for yourself and recover from past challenges. Emma shares her reflections on tackling challenges in her career and personal life, along with her experiences growing older.

 “You give yourself different advice at different ages…In your 20s you’re a bit more mature and you learn different things, you probably listen to different advice… if I gave myself other advice that changed me I don’t know if I’d end up being the person I am today – and I’m quite happy in myself today.”

Having gone from model to presenter to designer, Emma Willis is true a career-woman. However, summer offers the chance to disconnect from the busy 9 to 5 and make time for family, whether it’s by going on holiday or simply doing activities. The mum-of-three has values she wants her children to learn, and she shares her thoughts on motherhood.

“I would like them to know their worth. I want them to be strong in body and mind but also kind and compassionate and caring – I suppose all the things I feel I got from my mum, I hope that they will have got from me and from my mum.”

The Emma Willis Collection is the perfect compromise between work and leisure-wear and is available online on February 27th and in stores from the 10th March. For insights on women having to balance business and leisure time during the holidays, visit our other articles.

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