Coronavirus business support group attracts hundreds of members

Amongst all of the negative news and doom and gloom, there is also a lot of good happening, with people pulling together to help one another. Essex based PR and Marketing company, VerriBerri has launched a Coronavirus business support group. This was created for both the self-employed and business owners to connect and offer each other advice at this difficult time.

The group attracted over 250 people in the first 24 hours and over 600 members after just two days. These numbers go a long way to demonstrate how many people are struggling to come to terms with unfolding events and are seeking means of help and advice. From one-man band accountants and lawyers, to shops, salons and garages, everyone is sharing their stories and how they have been affected. 

The current situation we’re living through is unprecedented. It’s caused a lot of uncertainty and anxiety as nobody knows how this is going to play out. In particular, businesses, both SMEs and large corporations have felt the effects one way or another, but no one should feel like they’re struggling along.  

VerriBerri’s Managing Director, Sarah Kauter founded the group after she realised how many other business owners were being affected. She said “The group is forming a great sense of community with everyone helping one another. People are offering free services or advice, suggesting solutions or just some friendly words of encouragement. As business owners, we need to stick together to weather this storm and come out on the other side”.

The group will no doubt continue to grow over the weekend and coming months as the situation continues to unfold and we are left to navigate the effects of these uncertain times.

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