Home security hacks to combat intruders

Brits are taking additional security measures to protect their homes from intruders, new research has revealed.

A survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by lighting supplier LED Hut found that 84% of Brits take regular security measures to protect their home before they go out, with more than half (54%) admitting that they won’t leave the house until all measures have been completed.

For the most part, this is due to 69% of Brits fearing they will be burgled, while 47% said that they feel safer knowing that they have security measures in place. 

The survey revealed which measures UK adults are taking to secure their home, with the most popular deterrent revealed to be leaving some form of light on (87%).

1 out of 2 UK families (56%) doesn’t have a burglar alarm at their property. Alarm systems are the main burglar impediment and can assist with decreasing your home insurance premiums also.

While 47% of individuals in the UK are uninformed of what their home insurance includes, a comparable number (46%) don’t keep any bill or photos of their precious things. And even fewer (43%) update their content insurance policy to incorporate important stuff after they’ve purchased them.

Of those polled, 74% make sure that all windows and doors are locked before leaving the house do not use a regular door for your business check with composite door Bristol which one works better for your needs, while more than half (52%) said that they will ensure the curtains or blinds are closed.

Setting a burglar alarm (41%) was next to appear on the list, while 32% admitted they leave the TV on to deter intruders. 

Despite 28% of those surveyed investing in a security gadget to feel safe, only 65% know how to use them and 1 in 3 forget to set them properly.

Alex Nathan, Ecommerce Manager at LED Hut commented: “It’s understandable that people are concerned about break-ins and burglaries, especially when our home is a place where we should feel safe and secure.

“Keeping your home protected doesn’t need to be expensive, as you can take simple steps to give the illusion that you are home when you’re not. Security lights installed outdoors are a relatively small investment but can be very effective for scaring off an intruder. Indoor lights or sounds also help, whether that be leaving on your landing light, the TV or playing music. To keep electricity costs down, set your gadgets on a timer so you can control when they come on and time it around your social schedule.”

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