Research Finds White and Yellow Backgrounds Most Popular for Business Cards

Looking to create new business cards to advertise your brand? You might want to pay attention to recent research by instantprint.

The company carried out a study in November 2019, to see how business card design impacted consumer opinion. The results highlighted the key things people prefer to see on business cards, alongside the potential turn offs.

It was discovered that white and yellow backgrounds are the most popular colours. More simplistic designs were also favoured in the research. Here, we’ll look at why yellow and white backgrounds were preferred and other key design trends you’ll want to focus on.

Understanding the most popular colours

The colour used as the background for business cards plays a large role in how people feel about a business. The research revealed that yellow and white were the preferred colours to use as the main background colour. However, other colours such as primary greens and blues were also popular.

There have been many studies into how colour affects our psychology. It is known that colours such as yellow, can provide a sense of comfort. Green on the other hand can link to growth and new beginnings, while blue is often perceived as reliable. Obviously, the tone will impact how each colour affects business card design. However, generally speaking, yellows, whites, blues and greens do evoke the most positive response.

What designs prove most effective?

It isn’t just the colour that impacts how we feel about card designs. The logo and the text can also influence how effective they are. When ordering business cards, you’ll want to make sure the text you use is evenly spaced out and easy to read. Black and white text tend to be the most popular colours, while classic fonts prove a better choice than more modern fonts.

In terms of the logo, there is also a preference for simpler designs. Ideally, it should take up no more than 25% of the total space of the card. While these are the general guidelines to follow, the research did show some differences depending upon industry.

How does it differ per industry?

The latest study reveals the design preferences for business cards can also differ depending upon the industry.

The majority, such as bakers and chefs, estate agents and personal trainers, all prefer a more simplistic no-nonsense design. Creative industries on the other hand were more likely to prefer bolder, brighter cards. However, marketers surprisingly also preferred a simpler design.

Due to how design preferences can alter slightly depending upon industry, it’s worth taking a look at the full research results to see how you should be setting out your business cards. Speaking of the recent findings, Jon Constantine-Smith, the Head of instantprint, states:

“It is fascinating to see just how much impact the design of a business card can have on the perception of a business, but also how opinions do vary between industries, generations and genders.

“Driving new customers can be challenging for any business, so turning someone off when you hand a card over is of course something to avoid!”

Understanding what appeals to your target audience is crucial when you’re creating business cards. Now, thanks to this research, you can clearly see which colours and designs work better.

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