How Accidents can Impact Parenting, Work and Finances

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Falling victim to an accident can have dramatic consequences on your personal life. Specifically, it may interfere with your ability to support your family, both financially and socially. It’s best to seek legal help from boston personal injury lawyers because they are reliable in handling such cases. Recent research has laid bare the extent of this impact. So exactly how might an accident affect your family life, and what can be done to avoid these consequences?

Professional consequences

An injury of a certain severity can obviously have practical consequences in the life of the person who’s suffered it. If you become physically debilitated, then even simple tasks, like preparing food and climbing up and down the stairs.

The majority of accidents, naturally, don’t fall into this category. Your injury may be mild, and the symptoms might quickly fade. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t mental consequences to deal with says a Car accident attorneys in Chicago. Two thirds of people, according to a National Accident Helpline survey, felt nervous around the site of the accident. If this site happens to be inside a workplace, then this can have practical consequences. If it occurred inside a vehicle, then getting back behind the wheel might represent a cognitive hurdle that’ll require perseverance to surmount. You could call lawyer for slip and fall accident to represent your case as well.

Similarly, more than half of respondents said that they had been made unable to perform certain workplace tasks. 55% confessed to a loss of income, and 57% claimed to worry about losing their job altogether. These figures should be viewed in the context that 47% of people stated that the accident in question wasn’t their fault.

Impact on family life

Around half (49%) of those surveyed claimed that their significant other had taken on a temporary role as a live-in carer. This in turn impacts their ability to generate income. Moreover, it may impact the physical side of the relationship, and lead to further worries about money.

Of parents who suffer from accidents, more than half claimed to personal injury attorneys serving Orange County that they were actually unable to look after their children as a consequence, and a similar figure emerged for the proportion of respondents whose spouses had been worrying about the financial impact on the family.

Where children are old enough to do so (and often when they aren’t), they take on caring duties of their own. In many cases this is a good thing, as it’ll relieve the workload on other caregivers in the household, and provide some valuable experience for the future. But it’s also likely to have an impact on the children themselves: 61% of children whose parents had been injured claimed to have worried about the health of the parent, and 47% of children claimed to have lost sleep over the problem.

What can be done?

Despite the fact that many victims acknowledge that the accident wasn’t their fault, relatively few are willing to hire a lawyer for knee injuries to help them seek compensation. An online claims calculator can provide a rough estimate of how much compensation you could be entitled to. Victims not claiming may be due to one of many misapprehensions. They may believe that the legal process is costly or complex, or they may feel embarrassed to make a claim. Given the impact on family finances in the wake of an accident, these are not especially good reasons to hesitate.

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