Call to make facemasks compulsory in offices and workspaces

Making face coverings like surgical masks compulsory in all common areas of offices and workspaces would increase employee confidence and help convince staff it is safe to return to our cities and get back to work.

“We desperately need everyone back at work, and the confusion about whether it’s safe or not is not helpful at all. Including compulsory facemasks in offices and workplaces on the 24th July sends a strong message that this is the new normal, and we need everyone back in the cities – even if they are wearing masks!”, explains Jonathan Ratcliffe from office provider

Wearing facemasks in our day-to-day lives is going to become the “new normal” for some time, with the Government is desperately trying to reduce the chance of a second wave this Winter. So, 24th July, when we will all be required to use them in shops and supermarkets, is a line in the sand for face coverings.

The thinking is that by extending this compulsory requirement to all common areas of workspaces, offices and co-working spaces, that this normalises mask wearing, and enables workers to get back into the cities and help the crippled city centre economies.

Office provider is asking the Government to consider a clear enforcement of mask wearing with the following conditions:

Facemasks must be worn in all:

  • Common areas of offices and workplaces
  • Toilets, kitchens, and shared areas
  • Receptions, lifts, and entrances

Facemasks can be taken off in all:

  • Private office spaces
  • Small meeting rooms

Allow “bubble groups of close work colleagues” where facemasks are not required:

  • Work bubbles created for open plan office spaces
  • Large meeting rooms

“We need a clear plan for our staff and our client’s businesses, many need to get back into an office environment, and by enforcement by the Government, we could make office buildings safer for the next 6 months. Businesses need that confidence right now!”, concludes Jonathan Ratcliffe from

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