Parents in business: Heather of Supermums

Heather Black is a wife, mum of two girls, CEO and Founder of Supermums which helps to upskill mums (and dads) back into flexible work in the Salesforce ecosystem.

When her youngest daughter was born in 2016, Heather knew she had to think differently about work now that she had two children to juggle and a full time job. She realised that Salesforce enabled her to stay working, from anywhere, at anytime. This was the lightbulb moment and Supermums was born. Heather’s background in training and employability alongside Salesforce enabled her to design the perfect salesforce consultancy.

Since 2016, Supermums has helped over 250 mums and dads. Heather’s mission is to empower more to have a rewarding career that’s flexible within the Salesforce Sector.

Salesforce is the world’s number 1 CRM platform and is growing rapidly. A 2019 report found that they are expected to create 4.2m jobs worldwide by 2024. As it’s a cloud based, many of the roles can offer elements of flexible and remote working and due to the lack of available talent, the jobs are well rewarded. This combination makes them ideal for mums; whether they are looking to get back into work after a career break or seeking a change from a role that isn’t offering them the work / life balance they need.

Supermums offer training at many levels: administrator, marketing solutions, developer and consultant. Unlike its competitors, which often offer bootcamps or short on-location courses, Supermums’ training combines online learning and uniquely, mentorship, practical work experience and entry into a supportive community of working parents. This means that trainees, many of whom have taken career breaks or are switching industries, have not only the skills, but the confidence and support to succeed. 

Trainees have the opportunity to work on a real life projects with a charities and partners to gain confidence and experience within the workplace. To date, over 100 charities have benefited from over £400,000 of pro bono support. Then if privacy is a concern for your business then be aware that you can also change the address of the business using a virtual office like this one in London so that’s a great way to add some more privacy to your business and also get a very impressive looking postal address.

Due to popular demand and with the support from partners such as St James’s Place Wealth Management, Deloitte, Accenture, Dyson & Validity, Supermums launched the flagship Admin course and new  Marketing Cloud courses in the USA at the end of last year and are excited to launch in APAC soon. Watch this space!

Heather has also just launched her very own podcast, Mums on Cloud Nine ( which aims to empower women to explore their potential, create a clear vision for change, find out how to create a life they love and give them the tools to create their own success.  


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