The 2 Keys to Being Ready for a Freelance Career as a Parent

Becoming a parent is the thing that helps many of us put our lives in order. You may feel that in order to get your children out the door on time in the morning, it has to be a military operation. And you can then think that running a family business or going self-employed surely won’t be as complex as this. Naturally, if you’ve taken inspiration from the fulfilment you get putting everything in order to guarantee your home is running at its optimum and everybody is fed and clothed, but you want something more, starting a business on the side may be for you. But the first path is creating a freelance career. How can we set the wheels in motion?

Look at Your Financial Situation

Whether you want to start a business on the side or dive wholeheartedly into a freelance way of life, you’ve got to be prepared to make some financial sacrifices. But this may not be possible if you have a considerable amount of debt. While there are greenpath debt solutions and other methods out there to help you cut back on excessive expenditure, it’s the lessons we learn that can serve us in good stead. Running a business is not just about one component like selling a product, but it’s about so many different components working in tandem with each other, from being able to organise yourself effectively to liaising with clients and customers properly, as well as strong financial management. If you do not have a good financial situation, learning how to get out of debt and to streamline your finances is the first port of call.

The Importance of Mental Motivation

It’s easy to think that we would be able to cope with everything thrown at us when we look at it from the outside, but when we are in the eye of the storm, things are completely different. It’s those instances where you are awake until 2 in the morning with your children not sleeping, while also trying to juggle invoices and sending out products at the same time. Juggling all these components are not easy. As such, you have to be adaptable, not just in terms of the work itself, but the way of life that it can bring. It could be a feast or famine. It’s easy to say that you need to get a balance, but when your finances are dependent on how much work you put into it, you may feel that when you are on a roll you’ve got to keep going. But keeping yourself motivated when things go wrong is also important. The sporadic nature of freelancing makes us question if we are able to cope with what is thrown at us. It is better for you to be honest with yourself and scale back at the very outset rather than over-promising and under-delivering.

When we have children we’ve got to prioritise them above all else. Many parents choose to start a business because they feel buoyed on by the idea of providing. It is completely possible, but you’ve got to be very aware of these two components. Have these set in stone and you have a proper foundation.

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