Why Vinyl Flooring is Perfect for Every Home

When you replace your flooring it’s important to maintain the ideal look and feel for your home. Choosing a flooring which can sustain a heavy amount of foot traffic in busy households and which has protection against liquid stains.

The market is thriving, and an array of options are now available to you – more than ever before in fact. However, for the ultimate flooring for design and luxury there is one that meets all the criteria you may have in mind. If you look to the direction of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, you will find all your criteria is covered.

The first thing to know with vinyl flooring is you’re not limited to solely wood effect styles. You can choose from a range of stone, ceramic and even abstract designs which can be custom sized, cut to shape and installed in a variety of patterns and styles.

Supreme Security

Statistics tell us that the most common accidents involve liquids being spilt and food particles or chunk going from the dinner table to the flooring. Therefore, carpets haven’t had as much success in recent years as the preference for homeowners or interior design specialists. Instead, luxury vinyl flooring has obliterated the time it takes to get bring vinyl flooring back to a show-room standard.

The magic of LVT planks and tiles is in the surface layer coating which prevents food, liquids or other substances from leaving permanent marks or dripping through between the planks or tiles.

Remember though, accidents do happen, but you’ll be in luck when it comes to reverting the issue. A simple sweep with a soft brush before a thorough mop using lukewarm water containing a light soap solution is enough to bring back your floorings gleam.

Ruthless Ranges

There is a broad scope of benefits to be had when you opt for vinyl flooring, it’s actually a wonder there are any types of flooring still left in the world.

Whether you like a warm oak or a cool ceramic, there are so many individual colours and palettes to inspire you with. Some of the most popular styles and patterns use dark woods to bring a warmer more homely atmosphere to a room. If you’re looking for an option which is more abstract Ridge Ore can give your space a contemporary style.

Supplied All Year Round

LVT has been a game changer for the flooring industry and for those who are looking to create a space which is all their own which they can love for years to come.

Amtico is the market leader with several collections which are both style and comfort focussed. From the Signature range which offers warm oaks, to the Spacia range which offers more contemporary designs and shades, there is a lot that can be appreciated in terms of durability and versatility.

If you want the perfect home from the floor upwards, invite Amtico in today.

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