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2020 has redefined the world’s understanding of ‘good business’. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our shared vulnerabilities, reminding us of the power of compassion and the importance of kindness. As we return to our offices and workplaces it seems appropriate that we look for ways to continue what could be a positive legacy from a challenging year.

Harinder Singh, Managing Director of BJS Home Delivery, demonstrates how a compassionate business can be good for people and profit; Harinder employs 450 people, which he considers a responsibility to the 450 families reliant on him. Such a heart-led approach to business puts kindness at the core of a corporate organisation, proving that compassion and business can work together to mutual benefit.

BJS Home Delivery have a turnover in excess of £25 million, proving that kindness is good for both people and profit. Compassion, consideration and kindness have been at the heart of BJS’ ethos since its establishment; with a little thought and guidance every business can successfully create a compassionate and inclusive workplace, as their success shows.

Harinder draws on BJS Home Delivery’s many years of experience to share some top tips for other businesses looking to embrace the more human side of working life and create a compassionate, inclusive workplace during this period of uncertainty.

  • Embrace corporate kindness.

‘Spiritual guidance has been a core foundation for BJS since our very inception. Prior to our launch during the 2009 recession we sought spiritual guidance from Baba Jaswant Singh – whom the company is named after. Whilst not an obvious fit for most Western businesses, his values emphasise the beauty in humanity – something we were eager to embrace. We have since continued to see every human as one in the same, welcoming a diverse range of inspiring people to our team with open arms – I truly feel that this should be a natural occurrence for every business.

For all its horrors, COVID-19 has brought more compassion to companies. It seems that, despite the hurdles ensued by COVID-19, our shared fears surrounding lockdown have emphasised the importance of a more human workplace. I would recommend that every business and management team continues to prioritise corporate kindness; it’s a simple, natural trait that certainly shouldn’t go amiss.’

  • Trust your team.

‘I believe in divine flow and, above all else, I believe in my team; who we are as people, our values, emotional needs, goals and abilities. There is no division at BJS, whether you’re a driver or sit behind a desk, everyone receives an equal amount of trust and respect – without these essential ingredients the workplace would only breed negativity. By respecting my team and treating them with the kindness they deserve, they are able to extend that conduct to the benefit of everyone they encounter, including my customers. It’s what sets us apart as a business and, I hope, it’s the future of good business.’

  • Prioritise family values.

‘BJS Home Delivery is a family-run business; we may have grown in number but our family values continue to be central to who we are – we respect and value our employees and in return they respect and value us. Time and again I see our staff going above and beyond their job description and I genuinely believe that this is a reflection of their working environment. If people feel comfortable and supported, they will flourish.

To any business owner I say, your people are your greatest asset and a little kindness and love goes a long way to ensuring they feel valued. If you treat your employees like your own family, the rest will happen automatically – it’s this connectedness that fosters trust, loyalty, personal success and a business’ longevity.’

  • Showcase your ‘flex appeal’.

‘It’s important to recognise that for a business to be successful, not everyone needs to work in the same place. COVID-19 instigated a more flexible approach to how and where we work, something we’ve been practicing for years. It’s important to trust that your employees will work productively no matter where they’re based, this gives them more confidence within themselves whilst highlighting your adaptability as a business.

You hired your staff because you trust that they’re good at their job. If their role permits it, trust them to be productive from different locations! Flexible working has been proven to have significantly positive impacts on productivity so why not give it a go?

I am incredibly proud of the workplace that we have, collectively, curated at BJS Home Delivery and I am excited to see the wider business landscape positively adapt following COVID-19. It’s important that we all create inclusive and compassionate workplaces which inspire exceptional results and client satisfaction.’

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