Why SMEs need IT support amidst the pandemic

The pandemic, of which we’re all far too familiar, has had a drastic effect on the way many businesses are run. Countless companies have implemented remote working schemes, and with so many employees carrying out their essential processes from home, the need for IT support and management has never been higher.

There are many IT businesses that are able to provide virtual services that meet the growing demands of the changing times. Mercury IT Solutions, a personal and dependable IT solutions provider, is one such business. MD of Mercury IT Solutions, Aaron Adlem, has shared his insight on the necessity for good quality IT support.

Equipment and Software

One of the first things that needs to be considered when remote working is whether your team has access to the right IT equipment and software, which they need in order to do their job efficiently. Will they be able to access shared files securely? Your work-based systems are more than likely covered by a variety of protective features, such as anti-virus software. These will need to be replicated on any home-based systems.

On a company network, your firewall controls what staff members can access and what they cannot. This helps to prevent data breaches and endpoints being infected by viruses. A dedicated IT support company can ensure that remote workers are protected, regardless of their home working setup.

Data Storage and Management

Even the smallest businesses will have a myriad of important data that needs to be stored and managed. An IT support team will ensure any and all data is stored in a secure environment – yet easily accessible to those with permission to access the data.

Without the assistance of a professional IT support team, staff may well store data in vulnerable locations. Maybe even inadvertently providing access to somebody without the right permissions. In terms of data protection, this is a huge issue and must be prevented.


The importance of the previously mentioned endeavour to protect against viruses and data breaches cannot be understated. Malware is incredibly opportunistic. The combination of less effective security systems due to remote working and mass worry due to the pandemic, has resulted in people being much easier to target by those who stand to profit from distributing malware.

Whilst individual team members are likely to have some knowledge of how to detect and avoid malware and viruses; it is in the best interest of your business to enlist the help of an IT support team to ensure your IT infrastructure is protected against the full spectrum of digital threats.

Much-Needed Solutions

Despite undoubtedly knowing how to operate the business’ systems, when something goes unexpectedly wrong whilst working remotely, your team members are likely to feel at a complete loss. An IT support team will be well-equipped to deliver highly-skilled solutions to the majority of technical troubles they’re presented with.

Your business may have a particularly technical staff member who handles the various IT related issues faced by your team. As you strive to grow your business through the difficulties of the pandemic, however, this team member won’t be able to manage their own workload alongside the company’s technical needs. To avoid slowing down the growth of your business, it’s advisable to leverage an expert to provide professional solutions and free up your valuable time.

Seamless Communication

Going from office working to remote working can really put a damper on communication between colleagues. Whilst we all have endless means of contact at our disposal, finding an office-wide solution to this lack of communication can be deceptively difficult. An IT support team will be able to ensure seamless channels of communication between colleagues and customers alike.

Whether this involves setting up an office-wide video conferencing system; simply configuring your email servers; or anything in between, an IT support team will ensure communication between team members is as easy as possible.

Don’t let productivity drop! Home working can be incredibly advantageous for agile and flexible SMEs. Just make sure you have an IT support team ready to assist with your every technical need, so you can focus on running, and growing, your business.

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