College To University: Handling The 4 Key Changes

If you’re a young woman who is on her way to university for study abroad programs, congratulations. Gaining the credits you need to enroll in a uni course and experience a new environment is a crucial part of life. Think of uni as a stepping stone – some of the things you learn during your time on and off campus will stay with you forever. Whether you’ve enrolled via an online colleges for military, or you’re moving across state for university to enroll in medical assistant programs, these tips will help you.

Still, the transition isn’t always seamless. Nearly 10% of students drop out in the UK, and it’s because they can’t handle the changes. There are key differences you should know beforehand as they’ll help you to adapt more effectively.

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Living Away From Home

Up to 90% to 95% of students move away from home to experience everything their university has to offer. As much as it is exciting, it’s also scary as you won’t have your support network (your family and friends) by your side. Therefore, it’s vital to pick an environment in which you are comfortable. Student accommodation at the University of Coventry is a prime example since it’s home to over 1,000 students, meaning you should have plenty of chances to socialise, and it has excellent facilities. Your uni accommodation should hit the same standards and instantly make you feel at home.

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The Freedom

Lots of young adults haven’t dealt with the freedom of being in charge of their futures before. This is especially true if you went to a sixth-form college as they are operated like schools. As a result, prioritising workloads and summoning the motivation to go to lectures are foreign concepts. It’s not as if you’ll get told off for skiving! And, while you should sample the student lifestyle, you must work out when it’s time to study and buckle down, and when you can party and have fun.

Saying No

There are so many opportunities that you’ll want to say yes to everything. That’s why you’re at university. Right? Of course, uni life is a balance, and to strike the perfect tempo, you have to learn to say no when you’re busy or have important deadlines. Going out and drinking won’t get old, which is why it is a massive distraction. Plus, the fear of missing out is real #fomo. However, you need to think about the bigger picture. A single night of staying in while everybody else goes out is tough, yet it’s not a big deal. There are plenty of other opportunities to say yes at an a-level tuition centre.


Too much information is a feature of university life that doesn’t exist at college or sixth-form. At the latter, you spend two years analysing a specific set of events, whereas you cover a broad range of topics in two weeks at uni. The pace can be hard to keep up with, and so can be the need to focus on what is essential, important, and insignificant. Due to the extra freedom, your lecturers won’t spoon feed you, so it’s up to you make executive decisions.

On the flip side, one thing that never changes is – if you need help, it’s always available.

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