Parents in business: Vicki of Oh My Mama Body

Vicki Renz, 41, created Oh My Mama Body, a portal addressing symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage, after her own experiences of miscarriage. Read on to find out more about Vicki and her business.

I am a married mum of two boys and 5 miscarriages. We live in southern Germany. I am from the UK. I grew up in the Isle of Man, lived and studied in London, travelled and met a German man and have been here ever since 2009. My boys are 7 and 5. We love travelling and also enjoy life at home, close to beautiful German forests and vineyards.

Oh My Mama Body is the name of my business, a portal addressing symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage.  I have two legs to my business: „Oh My Mama Body“ and „Healing After Miscarriage“.

Oh My Mama Body:

Saving the modern, busy woman time with concise written explanations and short explanatory videos, so that they can enjoy their pregnancies and precious time with their newborns.

Healing After Miscarriage

A supportive community and space, with resources, webinars and coachings guiding women on their journey from grief and emptiness through to acceptance and wholeness.  

I had a successful corporate career as a Quality and Risk Manager for a reputable automobile company. Following my miscarriages and in-depth study into healing techniques, I just knew there was something else in me and I had a deep desire to help other women. I didn’t know how to reach these women so I re-skilled myself through an online coaching business, learning techniques and strategies for working online.

Making the transition was a huge leap of faith. As a full time working mother, I needed more time to concentrate on Oh My Mama Body, so I made the decision to take redundancy in May 2020.

Oh My Mama Body launched in January 2020 as I started my YouTube channel and had the core of my website in place.

Healing After Miscarriage officially launches this month together with the my Healing After Miscarriage Book of Poems and transformative 8 week Healing After Miscarriage one-to-one programme.

I simply started parallel to studying digital skills. Building my tools and resources up step by step. I love having the freedom to work when I choose and from where I choose. My least favourite part is the paperwork and accounts!

I feel that being an authentic voice which is growing my YouTube channel has been a key strength for my business. I receive wonderful feedback and really enjoy helping women with their questions. I struggled with lack of self-confidence. Worrying what people at my workplace would think or say. This held me back for a long time at the beginning. But through my online studies, I worked with coaches and grew my self-confidence and self-belief. When I understood how much I would be providing a service that helps others, that’s what made the click. 

I work during the day whilst my boys are at school and kindergarten and during the evening once they are asleep. Sometimes my husband and I take turns if we have a webinar or other appointment when the children are home.

My business is a passion that will continue to grow and evolve. I have so many more ideas for the future such as Healing Retreats and writing more books. I will feel I have made it when I reach my first 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and my Healing After Miscarriage book gets listed as a best seller.

In five years time I hope to be a recognised author and influencer who helps hundreds of thousands of women during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage. I plan to have written five books and have a recognised healing technique which others learn from me so that thousands of women can be reached and helped after miscarriage. I plan to do this from my home in Germany and having time to travel with my family.

Yes, I offer to coach women how to build up their own online business, bringing them the flexibility of multiple streams of income and choosing to work when and from where they want. Find out more by booking a free call with me via the Contact Me section of my website.

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