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Cheryl Dodd runs a number of businesses –the most recent being – helping to channel children’s interests and talent through teaching them the processes of turning their passion into pounds, through and innovative new platform  This has been developed for children to dive into during lockdown. Hear from Chryl how her business started.

I have many years experience in business and over 10 years experience of being an entrepreneur, I own Starz Ballet LLP and Dynamix Gymnastix Ltd, businesses that were turning over a quarter of a million pre lockdown. I built the BizKidz programme on the back of the success of having supported my 10 year old daughter Issy in setting up a slime business earlier in the year. She was starting to feel jaded by the school system due to her not being a high achieving academic.  In setting up her business, I saw my daughter go from feeling demotivated to empowered and I am now on a mission to share my skills more widely reaching out to other young people who may be feeling the same. 

What challenges have you faced?

Like many during lockdown, we were struggling. My daughter Issy is a really bright kid, but has always been ‘working towards’ milestones at school which I think was starting to become demotivating, despite her efforts.  She was driving me mad back when we first locked down, dodging her homework and I was stressing about it (secretly) so in desperation when she asked for help to start her own biz, a slime shop,  I said yes! 

We worked together and it was like magic.  Issy had a goal.  A goal and vision that she had set for herself, all of a sudden she was reading (to research, online) writing (into her website) and calculating her costs/profit! The learning suddenly took on meaning. Issy was learning loads and she took over £1k in 90 days!!! … at 10 years old!

I saw how she grew in confidence as she succeeded at something and built her self-belief.  The lessons are endless and ongoing.  While building her resilience and confidence Issy has flourished. 

If you are feeling disconnected with your kids learning, having something new to learn together can be really exciting, and I have really enjoyed lovely time spent with my daughter getting excited about her plans, and supporting her on her new journey, cheering her on – I’ve loved bonding with her over business!

Issy Dodd, 10 started her own business selling slime with the help of her mother Cheryl Dodd as as part of her home schooling. Credit: Paul Jacobs.

What are some of the successes of BizKidz, so far?

Since launching, BizKidz and Teenpreneur Academies we now launched a huge variety of businesses from entrepreneurs as young as 7, including Crazy Daisy LipGlosses, Morgan’s Hand Crafted Cards, Fizz Fantastic Bath Bombs, 3D Printings… and loads more!

Some sold their products online as early as week 7 of the BizKidz Academy programme and one BizKid, Morgan made £400 before the end of the course! Morgan’s Mum, Ally Rees said; “Since joining up to BizKidz academy Morgan has had the motivation to go ahead with her business idea. She is more knowledgable and confident and has really benefited from Cheryl’s expert advice and support.”

Morgan said; “BizKidz has helped me to start my business and bring my ideas to life. There were so many questions I had and I didn’t know where to start. Cheryl has helped me to focus and move forward. It’s been so exciting and I can’t wait to see my business grow.”

How do you fit work in around being a mum?

Creating and adapting a routine around whatever situation I find I’m in really helps.   When we were first in lockdown back in the spring, I was getting up and starting my work day early and made the decision to finish early, which worked really well in the summer, as I could spend the afternoon with our kids on the beach!

What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur or business leader?

  • Starting a business is achievable at any age – it could be a viable path for your future.
  • Learn in your own way, in your own style.
  • Take ownership of your own future direction.

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