Second income stream potential for image-owning businesses

Could your business earn a valuable extra income stream? A platform which pays out when images are viewed is actively seeking fresh sign-ups.

(ClickASnap is a photography sharing site which pays out for views rather than just sales. The brainchild of successful serial entrepreneur Tom Oswald, the platform celebrated its five-year anniversary in 2021 with a whopping 50 million images viewed in January alone. Now the rapidly expanding ClickASnap, which is free to sign up to, is calling on businesses which may own images to consider uploading them to the site, as they may earn some extra income and here you can learn about how to increase your business and the essentials to start one.

The innovative site has ratcheted up some impressive figures with a library of eight million images and an average of 150,000 users a day. It is used in every country in the world. Tom Oswald said: “In today’s world, particularly in these tough economic times we find ourselves in, it is rare for to be able to make money so easily from images. Today my message to business owners is this: if your company owns any images at all, it may be well worth considering signing up to ClickASnap.

“People enjoy all sorts of images, and some of them are much more niche than you might think. If you run an engineering business, for example, there may be a big audience out there who will very much enjoy your images of intricate machine parts, for example. I founded the site because I passionately believe that people who create images should have the right to be paid for their work when it is seen by the public. I wanted to disrupt the marketplace and to do for image-makers what YouTube did for video and Spotify for music.

“The good news for businesses is, that there are very many companies out there who have a potentially lucrative collection of images which they now have the opportunity to monetise. With 50 million images viewed in January 2021, I’m confident that ClickASnap is rapidly becoming the go-to site for people who want to see high quality work and for photographers and businesses to be able to get some income for their talents.”

Launched in 2016, ClickASnap is the world’s first photo hosting site that pays artists and photographers when their work is viewed, as well as per download. Inspired by founder Tom Oswald’s highly successful ‘Videscape’ business, which was pivoted into ClickASnap and aims to provide independent music producers a viable platform for their work away from tech giants YouTube and Spotify, ClickASnap enjoyed instant success.

In 2020, 30,000 artists signed up to showcase their work on the site every day and with 10 million images viewed per week, it has quite an audience. ClickASnap offers the ability to sell both digital downloads and physical products, the latter in partnership with OVI imaging.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

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