Should You Consider Remote Working For Your Role Or Business?

After the global pandemic in 2020, many businesses were forced to try remote working with their employees. A year later and a lot of those businesses have decided that they are going to continue with remote or flexible working.

Even though there are many benefits to a more flexible working style, there are impacts like job roles, personalities, home life and more that mean that remote working might not be right for your or your business.

Advantage: Less Commuting Time

This leaves employees with more free time, making the work and home life balance a lot easier for them to manage. A better work-life balance will leave employees feeling more satisfied which will lead to less sick days, better productivity and commitment.

The time commuting helps to save employees time, but also helps to save them money, prevents staff lateness and improves equality for those who find it difficult to get into work.

Advantage: Increased Motivation

Some people may disagree with this statement, but remote working can leave workers feeling more motivated. Depending on their personality, they may feel more comfortable at home, get less distracted and may just be happier to be working in the comfort of their own home, leading them to have increased motivation to work.

Also going back to the better work-life balance, they can sleep in longer and spend lunches in a more relaxed manner leaving the employee feeling more refreshed for the day of work.

A More Modern Work Lifestyle

It seems that remote working seems to be more of a modern work lifestyle. With today’s technology, it is easy to stay connected with the team at home. Remote working has benefits for both employees and employers, as they can reduce the office size saving money on rent and utilities.

We spoke to an online ecommerce business, Pash Classics, who specialise in mid-century reproductions. Since the pandemic, they have had many of their employees remote working, and found the benefits to their employees and their business to make it worthwhile for workers to carry on working from home.

After some discussion with directors and employees, they all suggested that they are to still offer an office based environment, for anyone that feels they need to come in, whether that’s due to personal circumstance or for a boost in motivation and socialising. But they are beginning to offer long term employees the option of flexible remote working so they can get the best of both worlds.

Disadvantage: Isolation

Depending on personal preferences and home circumstances, some individuals may find that remote working is too isolating. Some workers benefit from the face to face interaction they gain from coming into the office, and even though they may see the benefits of the work-life balance, they feel demotivated and lonely working from home all the time.

Disadvantage: Overlaps Between Work And Personal Life

It can be hard for remote workers to know when to switch off, the workspace is in their home and if they know they need tasks done, they may find it difficult to walk away. This overlap of work and personal life can be difficult for some individuals, they may miss office work and the chance to walk out the office and know that’s work done for the day.

Studies have found that remote workers usually end up working more hours a week than office-based staff, and they might not get paid for this extra time.

There is a lot to consider when thinking about asking or implementing remote work in your role or business. Can the role be done remotely? How will employees feel? Can employers trust their employees to work from home? Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages can help make the decision a lot clearer.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

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