Back to school: the best retailers for plus size uniforms

As the school summer holidays begin to close in, millions of parents are rushing to get their children kitted out in a new uniform for the upcoming year. 

While uniforms come in all types of shapes, styles and shades, many parents and children struggle to find the right sizes. Uniform shopping can be a minefield of wide-fit shoes, skinny, regular or straight fit trousers and polo shirts in ‘not quite the right shade’ of yellows, blues, greens and reds.

Getting the right uniform can be even harder for children who don’t fit into so-called ‘straight’ sizes i.e. the standard size for their age. 

During the pandemic, many children faced time out of the classroom, increasing anxiety and stress around schoolwork from missing out. The Journal of School Violence found that uniforms increased children’s confidence and self-esteem while attending school, so it’s important to get the right fit. 

So where are the best retailers for plus size school uniforms? The shopping experts at WeThrift have rounded up the stores with the biggest range, and some even have discounts and sales. 

Marks & Spencer

High street stalwart, Marks & Spencer, is a firm school uniform favourite amongst parents. Their range has plenty of shirts, polo tops, trousers, skirts and dresses in a wide range of colours and sizes. 

The retailer’s range features 13 items in a ‘plus fit’ meaning you can kit your child out in the smartest uniform with the perfect fit. With skinny, regular and straight fit trousers and a selection of skirts and shirts within the range which covers 2-18 years, there will be something for most schools and styles. 

Prices start at £8 for three polo shirts or £9 for two pairs of trousers, so they won’t break the bank. However, WeThrift currently has a 25% off discount code if you apply SAVEMS at the checkout. 


Fashion retailer Next is famous for its wide range of quality products. Proving they have something for everyone, their plus size school range consists of eighteen products in a range of styles and colours. 

With short and long sleeve shirts as well as skinny, regular and straight fit trousers, they have something to keep your child smart but, more importantly, comfortable at school. 

The store, famous for its sales, has a plus-size school collection with prices ranging from £8 to £16. 

Tu at Sainsbury’s 

One of two supermarket retailers who have expanded their range is Sainsbury’s through their clothing range, Tu. 

Their plus fit uniform range has one of the biggest selections with 22 products, including 15 items for girls. Coming in a huge range of colours and cuts, Tu should take the stress out of plus size shopping for many parents. 

The range starts at just £4.50 for a summer dress and their trousers which cover ages 3-12 years start at £6 for a pack of two. 

George at Asda

With cost-friendly prices and plenty in stock, George at Asda is a go-to retailer for parents looking to kit their children out for school. Their plus size school uniform range is one of the biggest on the high street.

They stock 18 plus fit products for girls and 19 items for girls, with dresses, skirts, shirts and trousers in a variety of cuts for even the most fashion-conscious children.

Parents will be pleased with the range too, with many praising the retailer for its excellent quality and low prices. A two-pack of short sleeve shirts starts at £3 while the pricey item in the plus range is just £9 for two pairs of trousers.


A fashion favourite, Matalan, is another retailer who is offering a range of sizes to suit all school children’s needs. 

The store’s generous fit range has 10 items, which covers all of the back to school staples that parents need. The items that come in a plus size include trousers, shirts, skirts and summer dresses for ages 6-16 years. 

With prices ranging from £5.00 for two shirts or a skirt and £6.00 for a pair of trousers, savvy shoppers can get themselves a £10 discount using WeThrift’s code GSG10. 

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

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