Parents in business: Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru, 42 is on an mission to help women launch an online business.

She says, “I am a fast results strategist and coach to aspiring female business owners and the founder of “From Scratch to Cash FAST” University. I help strong corporate ladies launch online profitable purpose driven businesses.”

Laura is mum to twins, a boy and a girl who turn nine this month. She has been with her partner since they were 18. Before starting her business Laura was an Associate Director at a big IT consultancy company. She says, “This is not my first attempt to move out of a job and have my own business. So the transition for me was quite timely and exciting.”

Laura launched her business in February 2018. She says, “I enjoy making my own schedule and I get to create as much as I want and only working with the women that I love working with. My least favourite part is the admin which is why I hire people…”

When asked about her biggest mistake, Laura says, “I believed that I could help everybody. Eventually it ended up with less than ideal clients. And the experience wasn’t pleasant at all. I needed to refund them the whole sum although I delivered the 90% of it plus got to the outcome I promised.”

Laura plans her day to fit with the family. She says, “I mostly work in the mornings with some hours in the late afternoon. I went into the business for the freedom of my time too. So I only work 10-15 hours a week. I also have my Fridays off from everything, just myself. As on the week-ends I still work 🙂 only a different kind of work.” She adds, “I’m aiming for £50k months. I plan on creating passive income so I only work because I want to not because I have to. But I don’t see myself giving up on my business, even if the business might change over time.”

Laura is looking forward to launching an online self study course  in the near future. She says, “In five years time I am aiming to be a multi-multi millionaire, having only 5 high end clients, with multiple businesses run by other people, on stage with big events similar to Tony Robbins.”

If you want to find out more about how Laura can help you, visit She says, “I do recommend though to reach out directly via Facebook  as I will be able to guide you better. As I said already I am helping women start their own service based business, working 20h/week or less and making £5k+.”

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