Launch of National Older Workers Week is launching National Older Workers Week in November to highlight the benefits of age diversity and multigenerational teams.

National Older Workers Week will run from 22nd November and will include a series of online events for employers and candidates.

There will be an expert panel discussion on the results of a survey on older workers’ experiences of Covid and more broadly, a best practice event on everything from eliminating age bias in the recruitment process to returner programmes and lifelong learning, an event for line managers on managing multigenerational teams and a candidate-focused  event sharing older workers’ experiences with expert advice for those who wish to change their careers.

The campaign will look to identify barriers and come up with strategies to successfully manage a multi-generational workforce.

Gillian Nissim, founder of, says: “Our aim is to change negative stereotypes and assumptions about older workers, to show the true value of older workers – and also give confidence to those older workers wanting to continue their career.

“We want to dispel the preconception that when you hit a certain age you do not add as much value as younger recruits. We believe that the experience, both in the workplace and in life and the ability to adapt and learn which older workers acquire over a whole career show quite the opposite and that multigenerational workforces where everyone is treated equally are those that will prosper most in the future, through the recruitment and retention of committed, motivated staff.”

Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

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