The UK has the second most B-Corporations in the world, data reveals can reveal that the country with the most B-Corps is the United States with 1,343 businesses boasting this status – that’s 889 more than the United Kingdom in second. 

The United Kingdom has a total of  454 B-Corporations. 78 of that total belong to the food & beverage industry (e.g. Gousto, TeaPigs and Innocent), meaning that the UK has an overall B Impact score over 80 out of 500.

Third place goes to Canada, which has a total of 299 B-Corps, with food & beverage (47), IT software & services/ web design (38) and the Other (19) industries unveiling the highest numbers. 

At the other end of the rankings, in 15th, is Switzerland with just 44 B-corps. Other and the food & beverage industries have the most B-corps in Switzerland.

The countries with the most B-Corps:

RankCountryTotal number of B-CorpsIndustry with the most B-Corps (in the country) 
1United States1,343Food & Beverage (193)
2United Kingdom454Food & Beverage (78)
3Canada299Food & Beverage (47)
4Australia279Marketing & Communications Services (27)
5Brazil174IT Software & Services/ Web Design (20)
6France141IT Software & Services/ Web Design (18)
7Chile131Education & Training Services (14)
8Italy119Food & Beverage (15)
9Argentina112Home & Personal Care (11)
10The Netherlands108Management and Financial Consulting (16)
11Spain77Food & Beverage (15)
12Colombia58Food & Beverage (7)
13Mexico51Other (7)
14New Zealand46Other (7)
15Switzerland44Other (5)

The industries with the most B-Corps

Across all 76 of the countries examined in the study, the industry with the most B-Corporations is food & beverage, with 495 out of the total 3,847 B-Corps analyzed. This industry has the biggest share of certified businesses across half of the top 20 countries. 

The industry with the second-highest number of B-Corps is IT software & services/ web design, with 293. This industry comes out on top for the biggest share of B-Corp businesses in France.

76 countries were analysed in this study. To find where your country placed, please see the full data here.

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