One in 3 new parents feel like a failure due to social media

It is not easy to be a working mom! Young beautiful businesswoman talking on mobile phone and looking at laptop while standing with her baby girl at her working place

New research suggests increasing pressure on new parents to live up to “insta-perfect” expectations, with as many as 67 percent of those surveyed saying online parenting forums, parenting experts and Instagram families made them worry they were not doing a good enough job.

And while parent one-up-man-ship is just plain irritating to 44 percent of the new mums and dads polled, as many as a third (32 percent) said it made them feel worried they were failing as a parent.

In fact, as many as 82 percent feel there is an immense pressure to live up to society’s high expectations of parenting.

This has even led to some parents lying about their own child’s development, with up to 38 percent confessing to telling a fib about their baby’s achievement to others – with almost one in ten (nine percent) saying they do it all the time.

Researchers from Cubo Ai have revealed the increasing pressure new mums and dads are under, with 39 percent complaining of a “baby bragger” in their group of friends who makes everyone question their own child’s achievements.

The study revealed a list of the most annoying baby brags, with “my baby sleeps through the night” coming top of the list, voted for by 50 percent of sleep deprived mums and dads.

“My baby is already talking” (44 percent), “my baby NEVER cries” (43 percent), “the health visitor says my baby is really advanced” (41 percent), and “my baby is so pretty they could be a model” (36 percent) also featured high.

The research also reveals that a third (34 percent) of the 1,000 parents with a child aged three and under who were polled admit they cannot stand it when other people comment on their child’s development.

Thirty-seven percent said they could not bear the thought of someone thinking their child’s development was slow or delayed, while 36 percent just wanted to avoid being judged.

And dads are more likely to fib about how well their baby is doing compared to mums (43 percent compared to 34 percent, according to the data).

Brian Lin, CEO of smart baby monitor brand Cubo Ai: “Our research highlights just how anxious new parents are about their babies – especially when it comes to sleep. We understand just how important sleep is for both baby and parent, so we have created a product to give parents that peace of mind where they need it the most. Cubo Ai’s revolutionary new Sleep Safety Bundle is the first of its kind, a non-wearable tech product that satisfies parents’ need for accuracy, safety, and comfort.

“With the research showing that over half of new parents check in on their little ones throughout the night, this product looks to empower parents to spend less time worrying and more time embracing their parenting journey.”

Parenting expert, Tiffany Norris – aka the Mummy Concierge – said: “It is no surprise that boasting about a child’s sleeping habits tops the list of baby brags. Nighttime routines and your baby’s sleep patterns can cause parents anxiety, so it is important to make this period of the day as easy as possible. Baby monitors can help to reduce anxiety and Cubo Ai’s new Sleep Safety Bundle features AI technology so it can detect dangers as well as track your baby’s sleep patterns in real time giving you peace of mind.”

The study also found 49 percent of new parents felt concerned their little one would fall ill, especially during the night, while 44 percent worried about a blanket or teddy bear covering the baby’s face while they were sleeping, putting them in danger.

Meanwhile four in ten (40 percent) felt panic-stricken if their child did not sleep through the night, while a fifth (20 percent) worried their baby would somehow manage to climb out of their cot and hurt themselves.

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