One in 3 people plan major life changes they had put on hold for Covid

Nearly one in three adults are planning major life changes that they’ve put on hold because of COVID-19 with moving home, switching jobs, and getting a pay rise top of the list, new research* from digital games publisher Marmalade Game Studio shows

Its nationwide study found more than 6.9 million are looking to move home over the next 12 months while 5.7 million are considering changing jobs after putting off a move due to the pandemic.

The number moving jobs might rise even further as the research shows 4.3 million intend to ask for a pay rise with more than half (56%) hoping for an inflation-beating salary increase of more than 7%. An ambitious 28% are looking for an increase of more than 10% from their current employer.

It’s not all about homes and jobs however with relationships and families in for major changes too – around one in 12 (8%) aim to start a new relationship or get married while 1.7 million aim to start a family.

And less happily around 1.3 million people plan to get divorced or split from their partner after putting the decision off during the pandemic.

The real-life research mirrors data* from over 900,000 people who play the best-selling digital game, The Game of Life 2 from Marmalade Game Studio which simulates a person’s travels through life, from college to careers, marriage, and children, pets, buying a house right through to retirement.

It found during the crisis that people were more focused on asking for a pay rise as opposed to looking for a new job due to worries about switching employers. Around 70% of those playing the game opted for a pay rise compared to 30% who wanted to switch jobs, and the corresponding figures in 2020 were 60% and 40% respectively.

Around two out of three (65%) of players opted for children last year compared with 53% in 2020 while 58% wanted to continue working rather than retiring.

Michael Willis, co-CEO at Marmalade Game Studio, said: “The COVID-19 crisis put life on hold for millions   and now it has eased people are keen to get moving again even though the cost of living crisis has come along to replace the pandemic.”

The Game of Life 2 is just one of Marmalade Game Studio’s roster of high-quality adaptations of beloved Hasbro board games including Monopoly, Clue/Cluedo, Battleship and the original The Game of Life.

Marmalade Game Studio’s best-selling range of classic digital board games which are available across iOS, Android, Steam and Nintendo Switch are seeing a surge in downloads which continue to grow rapidly and part of that is down to its Bubble in-game video chat feature allowing gamers to add friends and family to group chats, start games from these, and video chat while playing.

All Marmalade Game Studio games support cross-platform multiplayer,  so players can choose to play with their family and friends on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, with PlayStation coming soon!

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