Fake it ‘til you make it? 32% of employees own up to holding a position they lied to get!

With remote working more prominent than ever and many interviews held online, does a virtual setting make it easier to lie in order to secure a role? Are employers being catfished without even knowing it? StaffCircle, a leading employee experience, culture & performance management platform, has conducted ground-breaking research into employee catfishing in 2022 to discover not only how common it is, but what employers need to be wary of.

After a study of over 1,500 people in employment in the UK , StaffCircle were shocked to find that over 30% of people surveyed admitted to lying on their CVs, with the majority stating it was in order to appear more experienced or more skilled.With the onset of a global pandemic in 2020, many people were left unable to work and companies that continued to function, did so remotely. As such, many of those with formerly stable careers were forced into seeking new roles, often in new industries.

Due to many companies lacking appropriate procedures in place for a fully remote recruitment process, the majority of interviews were conducted via email and/or video conferencing. StaffCircle wanted to know whether not being face-to-face gave people more confidence to lie, and the results were quite unbelievable.

Over 62% of those who admitted to previously lying on their CV stated that they’d be more likely to lie for a remote role. StaffCircle were compelled to dive even deeper into what white lies potential employees were willing to tell and how employers can help mitigate costly hiring mistakes by making their recruitment process more thorough.

An astounding 93% of those who admitted to lying in the interview process haven’t been caught out…yet!

Amazingly, almost all of those who confessed to embellishing during their interviews were never found out. What’s more, 40% still hold the position they lied to obtain!

Mark Seeman, Founder & CEO of StaffCircle, said that: “Businesses need to rethink their interview process to improve hiring accuracy. Under a quarter of those surveyed reported a ‘very thorough’ interview process, and less than 7% of those who admitted lying to get a job have been caught out. HR and performance management software introduces more rigorous interview and performance management capabilities. Drilling down into the specific skills required for each role results in better-informed hiring decisions. If an untruthful candidate does slip through the net, continuous performance tracking will highlight any skill deficits and allow for further training.”

Over 86% of people who have lied in the past have done it more than once in order to secure a new role. More than 63% of those stated they would be tempted to do it again.

Unbelievably, the majority of those surveyed said they had lied to obtain as many as three different positions. Most admitted it was solely to embellish their previous experiences, with a third stating that they would be willing to lie again in order to secure a new role.

Results show more can be done by employers as part of their interview process.

The results of StaffCircle’s survey are truly eye opening and offer a major insight for employers. Despite more than 70% of people surveyed acknowledging their interviews as being either ‘quite’ or ‘very thorough’, employees who had lied as part of the application process still managed to slip through the cracks. This shows that even though employers may feel they are conducting a thorough interview process, there are most definitely opportunities for improvement, especially when it comes to remote positions.

For more insights, you can see the full report and summaries by visiting their website.

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