How to improve your self confidence

Self-confidence is hugely important, affecting every area of our lives but many of us struggle with it. If this is you, then read on for some tips on how to improve your self-confidence and why it’s so vital.

Why it’s important to be confident in your own skin

Confidence has been shown to have a significant impact in many areas, including your career and finances and even your romantic relationships.

In fact, the consequences of having confidence (or not) are so far reaching that they can shape every aspect of your life, including your health and wellbeing. So the importance of building your self-esteem and feeling good in your own skin can’t be over-stressed but if your confidence is low, how can you improve it?

Confidence-boosting tips

If you lack confidence, these tips can help give you that much-needed boost.

Stand up straight

Posture tells people a lot about you before you’ve even said a word. It can also change how you feel in yourself. So instead of hunching your shoulders and ducking your head to make yourself seem smaller, lift your chin and pull those shoulders back!

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable

Wearing clothes that make you feel good is a great confidence booster. This isn’t about following fashions or dressing to please others but dressing to please yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. So whether that’s sexy, matching lingerie sets, dressing smart for work or putting together quirky vintage looks, the rule is – only wear it if it feels good!

Have a supportive circle around you

Spending time with negative people can really suck your energy and make you feel less positive too. It’s also a bad idea to spend time around people who criticise you, are unsupportive or generally don’t make you feel good. Make sure you’re spending time with supportive people who will boost your self-esteem and add to your life.

Let the endorphins flow

Exercise may not be everyone’s favourite thing to do but you don’t have to take up running or lift weights (unless you want to!) There are lots of ways to move your body and release those endorphins that are fun and achievable for all fitness levels. Whether it’s a stroll around the park or a local dance class, choose something that appeals to you.

Stop the negative self-talk

If you wouldn’t say it to a good friend or someone you love, then why would you say it to yourself? Many of us fall into the trap of talking ourselves down and being self-deprecating but over time, this negative talk can actually damage our self-esteem. Instead of saying, “I’m no good at x” or “I can’t do this” try reframing your language and saying, “I’m still learning how to…” or “I’m trying my best at…” instead.

Learn new things 

Trying new things and learning new skills is a great shortcut to building confidence. It helps you push past your fears and anxieties and get to know yourself and your abilities better. Even if you’re not brilliant at something right away, you’ll still be stimulating your brain and devloping your creativity, plus it’s a huge boost when you finally accomplish something you never thought you could do!

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