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[ 16 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

In the main, presentations benefit from brevity and clarity. When time is limited you need to decide what’s essential for your clients or colleagues to know.  Too much information may confuse them about what’s most important.  Sometimes, however, you’ll find that your audience wants to know more about something you’ve said and you need to expand the point.
Paul Carroll from Toastmasters International has tips for getting the level of information right and creating a successful presentation:
Understand your audience
When addressing new people (e.g. potential clients) do your research. Learn what they want. Learn …

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[ 17 Jul 2017 | No Comment ]

Long summer afternoons extending into sultry evenings are the perfect time to throw an outdoor family party. Stay safe and make sure everyone has a good time with these 3 top tips for a successful event that’s memorable for all the right reasons.
Fire Safety
From barbecues to candles and patio lights, where there’s flame there’s the chance of burns. Keep children and pets under supervision at all times if you’ve got open flames anywhere people are gathered:

On still summer evenings, candles are gorgeous, but floaty skirts, little fingers or party games …

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[ 3 May 2017 | No Comment ]

Christine Rusk used to be terrified of speaking in public, but by understanding what makes a good speech, and how it is like a three-course meal, she has learnt to prepare well and overcome those nerves.
So how does comparing your speech to a meal help you become a better speaker? Christine, from Toastmasters International, explains:
Just like a good chef has respect for the diners, a good speaker has respect for their audience.
The key to a successful speech is preparation and planning. A speech should be created and delivered in a …

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[ 3 Feb 2017 | No Comment ]

The exhibition for mums on a mission is coming to Brighton on Thursday 23rd February 2017.  This free to attend, child-friendly exhibition is for mums looking to start a business, grow a business or to help those who are just not-knowing right now.  With over 40 exhibitors offering opportunities, services and support, taster workshops, speed networking and a Q&A panel, there really is no reason not to start 2017 with a bang and launch your very own mission to the moon along with hundreds of other like-minded mums. Register for free …

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[ 1 Feb 2017 | No Comment ]

One of the best ways to communicate information when giving a speech or presentation is by building rapport; to make a connection with our audience so that they will be more open and receptive to accepting and retaining our message. If we fail to connect with our audience and grab (and hold) their attention, they will lose interest, and our speech will not be effective. Dave Linehan is from Toastmasters International and he suggests five simple ways to connect with an audience:

Get to know them in advance

Introducing yourself to people as …

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[ 19 Dec 2016 | No Comment ]

5 brilliant ways to bring your next presentation to life without using the dreaded slides.
Did you think you need slides in order to give a presentation or make a speech? You don’t! According to Steve Bustin author of The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking, the best speakers and presenters have embraced a world without slides. Speaking without slides means the audience is looking at you and listening to what you say rather than reading from the screen in front of them. But, you still need to bring your presentation …

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[ 2 Dec 2016 | No Comment ]

Networking, presentations, client pitches, reports to the Board, conference presentations, even interviewing for a new job – they all require some form of public speaking. If you are feeling nervous, Simon Scriver, from Toastmasters International, has seven basic rules to help you speak  confidently:
1. Look at your audience
Don’t look at the slides behind you – have a copy in front of you so that you never turn your back. Don’t look at the floor. Don’t look at the walls. Try and take the time to make eye contact with every …

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[ 21 Nov 2016 | No Comment ]
What Can a Successful Exhibition Show Do for Your Business?

Although exhibition shows do require an investment of time and money, they provide numerous benefits for small businesses, such as increased credibility and visibility. Establishing a presence at a show provides you with a powerful platform for meeting new customers, helps you reach out to your existing customers and helps you build a more reliable, well-known brand. Here are just a few of the other ways that an exhibition show can help your business.
Helps You Generate Leads
Every exhibition show that you attend provides you with the opportunity to attract new …

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[ 16 Nov 2016 | No Comment ]

Preparation and practice are crucial when it comes to delivering a speech or presentation. Successful speakers always plan and rehearse their presentations as far in advance as possible. They never leave anything to chance says experienced speaker and member of Toastmasters International, Moira Beaton. For example, Ken Robinson, whose TED Talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? is the most watched TED talk ever, at over 37 million views, said that preparation is one of the most important parts of giving a great speech.
So, what do you need to do to prepare? …

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[ 18 Aug 2016 | No Comment ]

Speaking in public – even about the business you love – is a widely held fear. So how do you turn fear into confidence? Frances Cahill of Toastmasters International has twelve easy DIY tips:
1)   Speak in public whenever you get a chance
It doesn’t matter if it’s for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Even if it’s just saying an affirmative ‘Yes’. Take that first step. Step forward and take the opportunity.  By starting, and breaking through the fear – even for a moment, you’ll find that in no time you will …