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[ 18 Sep 2019 | No Comment ]

It’s easy to stay with the same provider, but having the best broadband can be critical if you work from home. You might be running an online store and depend on a good connection to receive orders and communicate with your customers, or you could be a freelance designer looking for great upload and download speeds for sending design work to clients. You might be looking to move to superfast broadband, or you might have problems with broadband and be looking for a solution. Whatever your reason, it is worth …

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[ 1 Sep 2019 | No Comment ]

By Gary Young, Equinox
We are constantly bombarded with advertisements encouraging us to sign a contract for high-speed fibre-optic broadband.  But is fibre-optic really the best option for your small business or for family use?
The answer is probably not! Let review what you need to know, why you shouldn’t bother to get it installed (although if you already have it – great) and what your options are.
Data is getting much cheaper on the 4G network, with networks such as EE and Lycamobile offering unlimited data plans (albeit with significant speed …

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[ 29 Jul 2019 | No Comment ]

Despite the world being so digital now – what with wireless connectivity and smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches – you might think that the humble printer has had its day. However, in this article, you’ll discover that there are many fantastic reasons as to why you should keep your home printer, as it just might come in handy.
So, if your printer has been collecting dust in the corner of the room, don’t throw it away or sell it without considering these reasons to keep it.
Companies allowing remote work
Working from home …

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[ 23 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

By David Solomon, Blueprints
Financial Technology (FinTech) is an exciting area to be in at the moment. Recent technology has opened up almost unlimited possibilities and disruptive businesses are using technology to undermine established global players.
Even before the 2008 financial crash, many people had begun to realise that the financial system was profiting only a small group, as private citizens were burdened with bailing out major global banks.
Deeply entrenched services, practices, and products at traditional financial firms weren’t evolving for their customers’ needs. They were also maintaining old banking practices, for …

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[ 26 Mar 2019 | No Comment ]

Nowadays, we jump on YouTube to find tutorial videos for everything. Be it making a simple dish, or even changing a light bulb- there is a tutorial video available on the internet for it. Video tutorials are helpful not only for customers but also for brands and business markets that want video documentation of their products.
You don’t need a studio or expensive camera equipment to create your first tutorial video. Just some basic tips and a good knowledge of the subject at hand will be enough to get you going. …

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[ 20 Mar 2019 | No Comment ]

Single people within the professional community have little notion of the responsibilities associated with parenthood. In the past, taking on the role of a full-time parent would generally force an individual to put his or her career on hold for an indefinite length of time. This would often prove to be very frustrating and in some instances, financial hardships could arise. However, the advent of the Internet has given rise to an entirely new host of opportunities for those with the vision and the discipline. Online retail sales is a …

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[ 10 Feb 2019 | No Comment ]

The proliferation of digital devices means that we’re constantly connected to the office wherever we might be, making it difficult to switch off from work, even when we should. In fact, a study by Glassdoor has shown the average number of UK employees taking their full annual leave is 62% with only 43% made use of 91-100% of their holiday entitlement. What’s more 13% reported only taking 20% of their allowance.
Whether it’s a two-week holiday or a twenty-minute respite at lunch, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices explains why …

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[ 23 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

By Daniel Whytock, Down Your High Street
Despite advances in digital technology Amazon is investing in high street brick and mortar stores. This sounds positive for the future of the high street. Consumers want the best of both online and offline shopping which means they are looking for convenience, choice, a varied, interesting range of shops and businesses.
The future is with omni-channel retail that seamlessly integrates digital technology. This is a key ingredient for high street survival.
However, retail tech is moving very quickly so high street retailers need to move fast …

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[ 30 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

By Dave Millett, Equinox
Over the 40 years I have been in the telecoms industry a lot has changed, including the pace of change! And I have no doubt that there are plenty more changes on the horizon.
Back in the late 1970s – none of the elements that we all take for granted in our personal and work lives existed.   There were no mobiles; the only computers were mainframes the size of a small aircraft-hanger and it was still 10 years before Tim Berners-Lee would conceive the internet.  Even basic features …

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[ 21 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

More business owners are swapping rigid 9-5 schedules and traditional office environments in favour of flexible space and remote working as an option for saving costs, retaining employees and encouraging a healthy work-life balance. With this in mind, Instant Offices investigates what industries are leading the way for remote working and how to overcome the typical challenges of managing a remote team.
A 2016 study conducted by Vodafone involving 8,000 global employees and employers found that three-quarters of companies worldwide have already switched to flexible working options. 61% believe that it had increased …