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[ 15 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Sometimes, good employees leave. It’s a normal part of running a business, and usually, it’s for the best. People you respect leave on good terms and head for greener pastures, while you replace them with new and enthusiastic staff members.
But when staff are leaving en masse, employers need to look inwards to realise there may be an internal problem. High staff turnover is often a symptom of deeper issues within your company, whether it’s outdated management practices or a toxic work culture.
Gemma Harding, Head of Client Services at call outsourcing …

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[ 14 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Women have higher success rates at crowdfunding scientific projects than men, according to new research from ESMT Berlin.
The study suggests that the ‘crowd’ may apply different decision-making criteria than traditional funding agencies, says Henry Sauermann, lead researcher and associate professor of strategy.
Alongside fellow researchers, Chiara Franzoni from MIP Politecnico di Milano and Kourish Shafi from the University of Florida, Sauermann analysed data from over 700 campaigns on the largest dedicated platform to crowdfunding scientific research, Experiment.com. They found that students and juniors are more likely to succeed than senior scientists, …

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[ 10 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

A quarter of women have actively avoided careers because they are perceived to be ‘men only’- including construction, bus driving and politics, a study found.
Researchers who polled 2,000 employed Brits found around a fifth of females are stuck in a job they don’t enjoy.
And just one in 10 have managed to get the career they’d always hoped for.
A third believe they have missed out on roles because of their gender and 32 per cent feel they have been passed over for promotions for the same reason.
Further to this, 67 per …

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[ 8 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

By John Auckland, TribeFirst
Raising funding for your business can be difficult for all types of businesses, and there’s not a lot of advice to go on.
However, there are some rules when it comes to developing an investor comms strategy, and from my involvement with over 30 fundraises, I’ve created a system that’s remarkably effective.
There are three essential topics for effective communication with investors and funders:

How to spot investor hot buttons, and create a core message that brings them on board
The optimal investor journey
How to engage investors in-person and online

Investor hot …

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[ 5 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Over six million Brits have signed a petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union – one of the largest ever recorded on the Parliament website. It is clear that as deadlines loom, a nation remains confused about Brexit, what it means and how much of an impact it will have on them.
With negotiations at an impasse, and critical decisions on how, and if, Britain should withdraw from the EU yet to be made, a new survey from Instant Offices reveals only one fifth of Small to …

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[ 4 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

UK’s gender gap has fallen to its lowest level ever for full-time employees at 8.6%, according to the ONS. Despite the slight progress, the average woman in the workplace still earns less than the average man with the gap even wider for women aged over 40 at 12.8%.
With this in mind, Lucinda Pullinger, Global Head of HR at  Instant Offices investigates what forward-thinking steps businesses can take to help bridge the gap further.
According to the World Economic Forum, it could take 217 years to completely close the gender pay gap on a global …

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[ 31 Mar 2019 | No Comment ]

by Inna Kaushan, co-founder of Solna
Freelancers are important to the UK economy, and contributed £271 billion in 2017. Almost three million people have been engaged as freelancers or under self-employed status during the last 12 months.
Freelancing has many benefits: you work for yourself, select projects which excite you, and in many instances earn more than when you were a permanent employee.
That said a major challenge faced by freelancers is fighting to get paid. Recent research shows that only 19% of freelancers get paid on time, with related invoices being paid …

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[ 26 Mar 2019 | No Comment ]

Nowadays, we jump on YouTube to find tutorial videos for everything. Be it making a simple dish, or even changing a light bulb- there is a tutorial video available on the internet for it. Video tutorials are helpful not only for customers but also for brands and business markets that want video documentation of their products.
You don’t need a studio or expensive camera equipment to create your first tutorial video. Just some basic tips and a good knowledge of the subject at hand will be enough to get you going. …

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[ 21 Mar 2019 | No Comment ]

By John Auckland, TribeFirst
If you’re raising money for your business, it is undoubtedly taking up a good deal of your time.  There’s nothing worse than spending your precious time on activities that are at best ineffective, at worst actively putting investors off the idea of funding your business.
Here are some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs often make when looking to raise money for their business?

Being unclear with your message

I run both accelerators for Virgin StartUp and crowdfunding bootcamps with Grant Thornton, and on both of these programmes I spend …

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[ 20 Mar 2019 | No Comment ]

Single people within the professional community have little notion of the responsibilities associated with parenthood. In the past, taking on the role of a full-time parent would generally force an individual to put his or her career on hold for an indefinite length of time. This would often prove to be very frustrating and in some instances, financial hardships could arise. However, the advent of the Internet has given rise to an entirely new host of opportunities for those with the vision and the discipline. Online retail sales is a …