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[ 16 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]

Many entrepreneurs have turned to the self-help industry for inspiration – and for some it has certainly been a good move. But unfortunately, like any industry there is good and bad within it. The 2016 CNN documentary ‘Enlighten us’, on the deaths of three self-help devotees, issues a warning: beware the self-appointed guru on a giant ego trip.
Increasingly accused of exploiting the vulnerable and the weak, the self-help industry appeals to a fundamental desire in all humans: to find meaning, gratification and simple solutions to life’s complexities. So potentially, almost anybody can be drawn in.
Given the …

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[ 14 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]

Many of us develop great depth of knowledge and experience over our careers. But are we good at advertising this?  Do all the right people know just how valuable our experience is?  If not, one powerful way to raise your profile is to give fantastic presentations.  Here are some tips on how to make the most of your hard-won experience.
Choose your topic and prepare
With a broad knowledge of your industry, it may be difficult to pick just one topic. Find something that will truly interest your target audience. In The …

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[ 9 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]

Ever dreamed of a career in law but are worried about the time it takes and the amount it costs to train? Or are you concerned that perhaps it’s too late for you – just that bit ‘too old’ to change career?
Training to become a Paralegal could be the answer.
It costs around £27,000 to study for a law degree (full-time over three years). Then an extra £15k to undertake the one year professional course (either the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for solicitors or Bar professional Training Course (BPTC) for barristers).
That’s …

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[ 7 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]

Ally Yates, author of ‘Utter Confidence: How what you say and do influences your effectiveness in business’ tells us:

Most leadership books tell us that to be a successful business leader, we need to be able to:
1. Establish a clear vision
2. Share that vision with others, in a clear and compelling way
3. Provide others with the resources to realise that vision
4. Co-ordinate, the sometimes conflicting, interests of all stakeholders
This is true. But there is one more trait that every leader needs; flexibility. A business with its back against the wall, requires a …

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[ 1 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]

Brothers Chris and Dan Morgan established online learning website New Skills Academy in 2013. Here Chris discusses the challenges they faced – and the milestones they’ve since notched up…
In 2009 I left a comfortable job in recruitment to start my own business with my brother. The company involved generating leads for an online training programme which would eventually develop into a successful, multi award-winning business providing online training for over 100,000 students, called New Skills Academy.
Taking those initial steps into the world of business – the risks and decision-making …

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[ 28 Apr 2017 | No Comment ]

When delivering a sales presentation, one of your aims is to build trust with your audience. As sales guru Zig Ziglar says; if you get people to like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you they will do business with you. So how do you build trust? Essie Rewane-Adejare from Toastmasters International suggests eight ways to gain your audience’s trust during a sales presentation:

Demonstrate your personal credibility.Know the product or service, and your company, inside out. Be knowledgeable about your industry and relevant news. Trust depends …

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[ 5 Oct 2016 | No Comment ]

If you’re planning to monetise your knowledge and skills into e-courses and info-products then you may like to offer audio content to your online “tribe.” Here are two surprising reasons why you might like to deliver some of your learning materials as audio files.
Learning Styles
Offering audio content as well as videos and reading materials means that you will appeal to several different learning styles. Neil Fleming’s VARK model suggests that people learn in four different ways; visual, auditory, read/write learning and kinaesthetic or physical learning, (using your body, hands and …

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[ 11 Aug 2016 | No Comment ]

By Garry Smith, business coach at Advantage Business Partnerships and the co-author of Creating Business Advantage: Setting Up and Running A Successful Business
Perhaps the most important thing for any new business owner to realise is that you need to be ready for constant change, and the stress which can result. Change is now normal and, if you’re not equipped to deal with it, you will fall behind very quickly. However, you can reduce the stress of this by setting up a solid base of policies for your business early on, …

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[ 21 Jul 2016 | No Comment ]

With the Brexit result we know there is a huge split in how people in Britain feel about Europe – and therefore bound to be a few heated discussions in workplaces, kitchens and pubs across the UK. So how do we turn conflict, which seems like a bad thing, into a good thing? Here Jean Gamester of Semaphora shares her tips on creative conflict – whether it’s about Brexit or other challenges at work or at home:
Bring it out in the open
Unaddressed conflict can eat away at a relationship and …

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[ 26 Oct 2015 | One Comment ]

New adult learning report reveals online tech revolution
The What Britain’s Learning Report from Udemy, the global online education marketplace, reveals that 390,000 UK students taking 1.3 million courses are turning to online learning to keep up with the pace of change in working life and manage their wellbeing. This is the first report of its kind on online learning in the UK.
Top report findings include:

There have been more than 660,000 enrolments in Udemy’s technical courses to learn to programme, build apps and games, or design websites in the UK to …