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[ 27 Sep 2018 | No Comment ]

Grad school is hard for most people but for those who also have a family to look after, it can be even more difficult. Of course, it is not impossible to get through grad school as a parent, many people do it every day. This is why we are going to give you some tips on how you can survive and thirve. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.
Start Application Prep Early
The first hurdle that you are going to need to get through as a …

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[ 9 Apr 2018 | No Comment ]

With solicitors and barristers charging upwards of £150 per hour, many people are now turning to Paralegals who can do much the same as a solicitor or barrister (with a few exceptions) but for a fraction of the cost. Paralegals are currently a growth area with lots of demand for their services.
So, if you are considering setting up your own Paralegal practice, Amanda Hamilton of the National Association of Licenced Paralegals (NALP) has some advice on what you should – and should not – be doing.
Paralegals are not statutorily regulated …

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[ 28 Nov 2016 | No Comment ]

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, or simply want to earn extra cash, why not embark on a small business venture to help boost your income? There are many things you can do to fill your wallet with cash, so take a look at these interesting ideas.
Set up a mobile company Whether you want to sell food from a little wagon or have your own portable market stall, this could be a great way to fill your spare time. While setting up a business can be testing, anything on …

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[ 27 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

Business woman and Financial Planner, Rebecca Robertson, has launched a national female financial advisor firm for the everyday women.
With financial adviser roles being dominated by men, the company’s goal is to create more opportunity for women by creating a franchise, through which women can set up their own advisory business with full support and training, and in turn provide female clients and their family’s advice on their finances.
In September the firm ran their first training course with three new advisers, growing the team to 6. Nadine Monks from Medway is …

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[ 15 Sep 2014 | One Comment ]

In this article you can read about Jamie and her business teaching yoga to kids. Discover resources, books and videos to help you do it too.
 Your Name and Age: Jaime Amor 35
Tell us about your family: Just recently married to my partner of 5 years, Martin Amor. We have two labradoodles called Spencer and Mini.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I was an actor and kids entertainer living in London. When Martin and I moved to the countryside, I needed …

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[ 15 May 2014 | No Comment ]

With the recent economic downturn, many businesses have moved some of their jobs online in an effort to cut costs. This means there are now many genuine work-at-home opportunities for mums – allowing you to earn a decent income while fitting work around your childcare responsibilities.
The key to successfully working from home
Many people have tried and failed to work from home using the internet. Traditionally, many of the work from home opportunities have been low skilled meaning there was a huge amount of competition. The amount of work you received …

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[ 22 Jan 2014 | No Comment ]

Liz George is one of the UK’s most experienced educational professionals. With a career spanning over 35 years, her roles have included Primary Advisory Teacher, lecturing on teaching training at Goldsmiths, consulting for Channel 4’s educational TV shows and working on various activities for the Centre of Literacy in Primary Education. Liz is now Course Director for ldbsSCITT, a dedicated, school-centred teacher training institution located in the heart of London with 100% graduate employment rate. In this article she shares five tips for any parent who wants to retrain …

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[ 4 Dec 2013 | No Comment ]

From his very first day Andy hated his job as an auditor.  It took 20 years before he could make his leap to be a successful freelance food writer.  But when the opportunity came he ensured he was ready for it and able to escape his windowless office on a trading estate with barbed wires.
Andy taught himself how to cook in his bed sit from the age of 17 in order to impress his girlfriend.   When eating out he became intrigued by what went on behind the swing doors.    Andy …

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[ 26 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]

Your Name and Age: Deborah Guthrie age 44
How did you start your working life? I spent over 10 years working in insurance from age 18
What training / jobs have you done in the past? I didn’t particularly like working for someone else and so at the age of 28 I set up a business with a partner making bespoke wrought iron products. This business is still going strong, although I parted company with it about 3 years after it began. I then went back to college to train in beauty …

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[ 22 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]

Your Name and Age:  Caroline Lashley, 51
How did you start your working life?  A long time ago – as a Saturday girl in Sainsbury’s Balham!  I’ve had a varied career since…
What training / jobs have you done in the past?  I’ve worked in a bookmaker’s taking telephone bets, worked at Unilever as a short-term editorial assistant, been freelance writer/editor at RADAR (Royal Assn for Disability & Rehabilitation), been associate lecturer at the London College of Communication (previously London College of Printing), and working as a secretary, administrator and press officer …