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[ 19 Jun 2016 | No Comment ]
Top ten tips for choosing childcare for children with special needs

Finding the right childcare for your little one while you work or study can be a challenge. If your child has additional needs of any sort – whether a physical disability, chronic medical condition, learning difficulties, behavioural issues, communication problems or severe allergies – it might feel particularly daunting. The good news is that there is plenty of support available.

Every local authority in England has a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (Senco), and you’ll find a Senco in every nursery and Sure Start centre too. Their role is to work with …

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[ 6 May 2016 | No Comment ]
How to keep connected with your child’s school even if you don’t do the school run!

One of the biggest tugs at our heartstrings as working parents is the fact that often we have to rely on others to drop our children at school or pick them up, write Julia Hague, co-author of Being Me (and Loving It). It doesn’t matter whether you consider their childminder to be the “Mary Poppins” you always dreamed you’d find, you still feel somehow disconnected from that mysterious place where they spend a huge chunk of their lives and which you feel, wrongly, guilty of not being a part.
Stop! We’re …

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[ 5 May 2016 | 2 Comments ]

“Stepfamilies are one of the fastest growing types of families in the world, but relationships are often difficult because of a lack of clear ‘rules,’ very little advice and few good role models, especially in fairy tales,” explains Regent’s University London psychology expert, Dr Lisa Doodson. Nearly 1.1 million dependent children live in more than 544,000 stepfamilies across England and Wales, highlighting the urgent need for greater guidance for parents and support from family specialists. Lisa’s new book – ‘Understanding Stepfamilies – a practical guide forprofessionals working with blended families,’ …

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[ 1 May 2015 | No Comment ]

 Whether you are employed, or self-employed, run your own business or work for someone else – being punctual is important.
However for many parents, trying to get out of the door on time when you have children can be stressful. And unfortunately turning up late to an important meeting and complaining that the children were playing up, isn’t going to win you the business!
So how can you and the kids get out the door on time?
According to Professor Matt Sanders, founder of the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, the key is …

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[ 18 Dec 2014 | No Comment ]

Whilst every family is different, there are several common issues faced by working parents. Here are some of the top problems that crop up time and time again for working parents, and we look at why they are such big issues for us all and how to tackle them.
There are limited roles that fit around school hours, and those that do don’t tend to pay particularly well.  The popularity recently for zero-hour contracts and shift working with days and hours changing weekly can make it hard to find a …

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[ 6 Dec 2014 | No Comment ]

Emma gave birth after a long and exhausting labour. But the worst was yet to come: only part of the placenta was delivered, and Emma became aware of the room filling up with people and the mood changing. Although she was told that all was fine, she knew something was wrong.
A consultant walked in and, without acknowledging Emma, attempted a manual removal of the placenta, which Emma describes as “the most painful thing I’ve experienced to this day. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the shock of it”.
Blood started …

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[ 30 Aug 2014 | No Comment ]

If your child is starting school for the first time, an eye test can help pick up any problems before they miss out in the class room. And for every other school child who has grown over the summer, remember that eyes change and grow too! Every child is entitled to a free NHS eye test. Have a look at this infographic to find out more.

This information is provided by ABDO, the Association of British Dispensing Opticians. Find out more about eyes at eyecareFAQ on Twitter, Facebook and G+. There are all sorts of …

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[ 20 Aug 2013 | No Comment ]
New books out now: Journey Through Assesment and Food and SEN Children

I just got an exciting package through the post last week: it’s the advance copies for my new books which come out at the end of the month. Find out more about each book here if you’re feeling impatient – it looks like Amazon has the first one in stock already.
The Journey Through Assessment: Help for Parents with a Special Needs Child
Food and Your Special Needs Child

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[ 16 Jul 2013 | No Comment ]

As announced in April’s Budget statement, the Government proposes to introduce a new childcare voucher system from 2015. Yet research* from Jelf Employee Benefits found that over a third (36%) of employers who currently offer a childcare voucher scheme are considering scrapping their existing scheme long before the replacement system is finalised or available. We’ve been using childcare vouchers since K started nursery and they must have saved us hundreds of pounds. Jelf is concerned that such a decision by employers may, in extreme circumstances, force some employees to re-evaluate whether …

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[ 29 Mar 2013 | No Comment ]

What can I do mum? Mum, I’m bored?
If that sounds like your house this week, set the kids to work! The older your children get, the more able they are to help spread the load over the holidays. Ask your child to help make lunch and you may get more moans. Show them a recipe and say, “Do you want to try making this?” and you may find that lunch is made for you!
We were asked to review a recipe for Great British Chefs and chose the Pizza Hearts recipe. …