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[ 23 Aug 2016 | No Comment ]

Top tips on preparing your child for starting in Reception from Emma Williams, a mother of four with a child starting in reception and Executive Director, PTA UK
Whether it’s your first child starting school in September or you’ve done it before, I would highly recommend taking a moment beforehand to try and understand what September is going to look like for you and your family.
As a family with both parents working full time, it’s the logistical things that preoccupy us the most and cause the most stress and therefore have …

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[ 19 Jun 2016 | No Comment ]
Top ten tips for choosing childcare for children with special needs

Finding the right childcare for your little one while you work or study can be a challenge. If your child has additional needs of any sort – whether a physical disability, chronic medical condition, learning difficulties, behavioural issues, communication problems or severe allergies – it might feel particularly daunting. The good news is that there is plenty of support available.

Every local authority in England has a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (Senco), and you’ll find a Senco in every nursery and Sure Start centre too. Their role is to work with …

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[ 6 Jun 2016 | No Comment ]

In the run up to exams, many mums and dads witness the strain of revision pressure as children gear up to the final push. From anticipation to anxiousness, the revision period can present a mix of emotions among children and parents alike. However, it’s important to support your child in the best way you can – which includes keeping them healthy and helping them cope with stress in the build up to exam time. Here, Dr Mark Winwood, Director of Psychological Services for AXA PPP healthcare, reveals how parent can …

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[ 12 May 2016 | No Comment ]

As Teletubbies returns to our screens with new episodes experts say children’s TV can play a huge role in kids’ development.
Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po burst on to our screens 19 years ago and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The Fab Four are back on British television on CBeebies and Child Development expert Dr Jaqueline Harding looks at the impact the show had and why parents should embrace children’s TV as a huge tool in educating and developing them.
In the new digital era, children are consuming content at an increasingly early …

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[ 6 May 2016 | No Comment ]
How to keep connected with your child’s school even if you don’t do the school run!

One of the biggest tugs at our heartstrings as working parents is the fact that often we have to rely on others to drop our children at school or pick them up, write Julia Hague, co-author of Being Me (and Loving It). It doesn’t matter whether you consider their childminder to be the “Mary Poppins” you always dreamed you’d find, you still feel somehow disconnected from that mysterious place where they spend a huge chunk of their lives and which you feel, wrongly, guilty of not being a part.
Stop! We’re …

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[ 22 May 2015 | No Comment ]
Image from Shutterstock

When you get to the end of a long day spent looking after the kids, do you want to lie back and relax? However, this time is often the only time when you can enjoy your own interests, without children in the way, so here are a few online hobbies that will let you get the most out of this time while still taking it easy.
Shopping online
This is incredibly easy to do these days, as there is hardly a single major store that doesn’t have a website with shopping options. Generally all you have …

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[ 26 Apr 2015 | No Comment ]
How to turn children’s playing into learning

Anna Williamson shows you the games, toys and even parts of your everyday routine that can help your children learn vital skills.  
Watching your child learn new skills is one of the most exciting things about being a parent and even the smallest development or skill learnt can result in enormous pride for mums and dads.
And it’s not just at school that our kids learn and develop, with new research released showing that outside the classroom, over a third of parents believe children learn best from playing games, while almost a …

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[ 30 Aug 2014 | No Comment ]

If your child is starting school for the first time, an eye test can help pick up any problems before they miss out in the class room. And for every other school child who has grown over the summer, remember that eyes change and grow too! Every child is entitled to a free NHS eye test. Have a look at this infographic to find out more.

This information is provided by ABDO, the Association of British Dispensing Opticians. Find out more about eyes at eyecareFAQ on Twitter, Facebook and G+. There are all sorts of …

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[ 31 Jan 2014 | No Comment ]

With my background as a primary school teacher and the usual high hopes any parent has when their children start school, it was a bit of a shock when my own child struggled with learning to read.
Some children learn to read effortlessly and love every step of the journey, whilst others find it really hard work and will dislike it.
As a teacher, I had often told the parents of young reluctant readers: “Children learn to read at different times… don’t worry, it will come in the end ….” 
There does come …

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[ 19 Jan 2014 | No Comment ]

Has your child started school, aged four and a few weeks, and you’ve thought it was just too soon? If so, you’ll be interested to read a new report from Flexible School Admissions for Summer Born Children. According to the organisation, “Following months of research, Michelle Melson and Pauline Hull have published the 87 page report titled: Compulsory School Age in England has been Lowered to 4 through an Unfair and Unlawful Summer Born Admissions Process. The report claims 2012 School Admissions Code is not fit for purpose, and calls on the Education Secretary …