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[ 18 Feb 2019 | No Comment ]

The combination of ‘restless children’ and ‘road trip’ probably doesn’t sound all that appealing. But a road trip doesn’t have to mean spending lengthy durations of time on the road, instead you can make it into something your entire family can enjoy.

From cruising through the Peak District to spend some time at the Monkey Forest, to driving through Cheddar Gorge for a game of crazy golf, this article looks at the UK’s most family-friendly road trips.
Plan before you go
Before you head off on your adventure, it’s important to pack all …

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[ 11 Jul 2018 | No Comment ]

With summer fast approaching, teaching children to be safe near water becomes increasingly important. There are a number of things you can do to help keep your family safe this summer:
At home

Always use self-closing gates, fences and locks to prevent children from gaining access to pools of water
Securely cover all water storage tanks and drains
Empty paddling pools and buckets as soon as they have been used. Always turn paddling pools upside down once empty
Always supervise bath time (never leave children unattended). Empty the bath as soon as possible after use

On holiday

When …

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[ 5 Apr 2018 | No Comment ]

From Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June, the 29th Edinburgh International Children’s Festival brings some of the world’s best theatre, dance, multi-media and puppetry specifically made for young people to Edinburgh for nine days of inspiring and entertaining shows and special events.
“2018 promises to be another spectacular year for the Children’s Festival,” said Edinburgh International Children’s Festival’s festival director Noel Jordan. “We are delighted to present some of the very best companies making work for young people from around the world as well as some of the best artists living in Scotland and …

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[ 26 Jan 2018 | No Comment ]

Southbank Centre’s annual multi-arts Imagine Children’s Festival returns for its seventeenth year from 7 – 18 February 2018, with twelve days of jam-packed fun over half-term week for children and their families. With storytelling at its heart, this year’s programme includes a specially curated Royal Festival Hall event celebrating the world’s leaders and pioneers who have changed the world, to inspire the next generation of young changemakers.
The twelve day festival includes inspiring and playful events and activities from Super Hero parties, magical immersive adventures and snail friendships to dancing scientists …

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[ 5 Feb 2017 | No Comment ]

The UK’s original pleasure park, Dreamland Margate, will be welcoming GEEK in 2017. A three-day festival of play and gaming, GEEK will entertain the whole family during the Half Term from the 17th to 19th of February.
For five years GEEK has been bringing people together to meet, make, and play. The event focuses on multiplayer interactive games and encourages visitors to participate in all genres of gaming; including board games, computer games, retro and next generation, card games and real world games.
GEEK will be situated throughout the Dreamland site, including …

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[ 20 May 2016 | No Comment ]

Amazing. There’s no other word for it.
We’ve just come back from The Amazing Family Science Weekend at Butlins and it was just as described. There are two more events this year, at Minehead and Skegness this summer, so read on and find out if your kids would like the chance to model with Aardman, watch Gastronaut Stefan Gates and the Brainiac team, codebreak with a real Enigma machine and a whole lot more. And if you’re thinking ‘I’d never go to Butlins’ … you’re missing out on a packed educational …

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[ 17 Feb 2016 | No Comment ]

This half term we stayed with family who live closer to London and spent two days visiting the attractions and trying out all sorts of London transport. We live in a small town where buses come once an hour, so it was fun for the boys to travel on a double decker, and we also took the overground train to Camden Road. On our first day we went straight up to London Zoo. J is 10 and K is nearly 7, and I think we’ve reached the perfect age for …

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[ 15 Feb 2016 | No Comment ]

Did you know that Roald Dahl used to be a spy? And also a fighter pilot, inventor and historian of chocolate? Embark on a magical and interactive journey through The Wondercrump World of Roald Dahl and discover the secrets of a writer beloved by gazillions of children.
The boys love Roald Dahl books, and they have often asked if we could go and see something about him … like when we met David Walliams, or visited Rudyard Kipling’s house at Batemans. However the museum of Roald Dahl in Bucks is a …

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[ 29 May 2015 | No Comment ]

What do you expect from a show called Aliens Love Underpants? We’d rad and loved the book, but I was a bit nervous in the run up to the event that my critical audience of a 6 year old, an 8 year old and a 9 year old might feel they were too grown up for a book for toddlers. However the show has been adapted in a way that definitely kept them all interested, although I think some of the smaller toddlers in the audience might have found …

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[ 26 May 2015 | No Comment ]
Thrifty ideas to entertain the kids this half term

I’m bored Mum! The cry goes up and you flinch at the onslaught. Every toy is on the floor, yet none of them are interesting. It’s raining again and no-one wants to go for a walk, so what do you do? Here are some thrifty and low cost ideas to help you survive half term. Some of them do require a little planning in advance, but it is worth it to save on costly trips out just because you can’t bear the moaning!
1. Plan an exciting trip out. Exciting doesn’t …