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[ 19 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

Janet is one of my clients. She ran her own online gift business from home which she only started as a hobby a year ago, but it quickly took off. Whilst it was time intensive and meant working long hours, it also paid a lot of the family bills. She had been married to Tom for six years and they had two young children, aged two and four years old. When I met Janet she was reeling from shock as, following a recent work trip abroad, Tom had announced he …

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[ 15 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

The UK’s largest platform for childcarers and parents has revealed which UK regions are the most expensive for childcare services, with London unsurprisingly topping the list across every service.
Over the last year Childcare.co.uk has analysed the prices its childminders, babysitters, nannies and day nurseries charge per hour across the UK to find the average cost of childcare in each area.
Members of the public can find out what the average childcare cost is in their area here: https://www.childcare.co.uk/costs
Childcare.co.uk has used its data to create a nationwide league table of the most expensive …

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[ 10 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

Moving house can be a big adventure, but brings with it a lot of challenges to overcome. When you are considering areas to move to, one factor that you should bear in mind is good quality dentistry.

Whatever stage of life you are at you are going to need your teeth. Ensuring that the area you move to has the level of dental care you are accustomed to may not seem like a top priority when you are busy planning for commuting,convenience, family and safety – but it should certainly not …

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[ 7 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

…with more than a third of mums in debt because their ex-partner hasn’t paid child maintenance, study shows.
New research has revealed that when parents split up, mums often find themselves struggling to cover their basic living costs, with 39 per cent taking out loans or relying on their overdrafts to make ends meet.
A staggering quarter of mums said they don’t receive any regular financial help from their child’s father, leaving them to cover the cost of raising their child by themselves.
Half of mums said that their ex’s contribution isn’t enough …

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[ 5 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

By André Roque, Homeit
Whether you want to rent out a room or a whole flat or house on Airbnb the idea of earning some extra cash is appealing. However it can be surprising time consuming.  It’s not just cleaning and washing but responding to enquiries, checking guests in and out and handling other administration.
And, in some countries, you have to register your property as a short-term rental business, issue invoices and/or report guests’ identities to comply with local regulations.
So here are my tips to help you make money from you …

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[ 1 Jan 2019 | No Comment ]

By André Roque, Homeit
With emergence of short-term rental websites, such as Airbnb, the hotels market creating has been rapidly disrupted and an entirely new economy created, practically overnight.  There are over 168,000 active Airbnb listings within the UK, plus a range of businesses have sprung up offering management, and other services such as laundry, cleaning etc, making hosting less arduous.
It is still early days. Many hosts still advertise on a single website and rely on manual processes to manage their bookings. Industry experts believe that the short-term rental market will …

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[ 23 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

Do you know that heart sinking feeling when you start to focus on the fact that it’s not your turn to have your children with you this Christmas. Add to that a slight jittery panicky sensation and a cold heavy feeling of dread. It’s the part that still strikes a chord deep within and brings tears to the surface however relieved you are not to be living with your ex any longer.
For some this is the very worst part of being divorced, especially if your children are young enough to …

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[ 17 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

Did you know that 7.5 million UK workers suffer from mental health problems in the office, but 44% do NOT tell their employer? The majority fear revealing their problems will block career progress, with three-fifths worried it will damage relationships with colleagues.
HealthTech startup Mynurva commissioned an independent, nationally-representative survey among more than 2,000 UK adults to uncover the number of full-time workers who suffer from mental health problems; how many of them seek help for their issues; and the main barriers that hold them back from doing so.
The survey found that …

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[ 15 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

All these festive period pressures can reach a crescendo, what I call a switch flicking moment, when something tips the balance and you decide you just can’t do this anymore. Enough is enough and you want out. Unfortunately this is the case for many couples and why the divorce rate peaks in the new year. However if you are aware of this there are things you can do to help your relationship survive Christmas:

Don’t let problems fester. If there are any issues raise them with your partner and work together …

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[ 9 Dec 2018 | No Comment ]

We live in a highly disposable culture where, if we don’t like something, we change it. In many cases we don’t think long and hard about it or even try to make it work out – we just swap it for something else, the latest mobile phone, pair of trainers or even dating on Tinder. The days of ‘marriage is for life’ are long gone and we are no longer a generation of “until death do us part” believers. With the divorce rates in the UK at 42% and in …