60 per cent of UK Women Dream of Starting their own Business to improve their Work/Life Balance @e_nation @emmaljones @Avon_UK

AREPGD_152_Georgiana_and_4RepsNew research shows that 1 in 3 women are constantly unhappy at work and have a desire to improve their work/life balance. Avon is encouraging people across the UK to start a fresh and become their own boss to reclaim their work/life balance.

Currently two thirds of UK women find that life can revolve around work and leave little room for relaxation. Most worrying however, was that so many are unhappy in their work (over a third), the study by Avon Cosmetics found. More than a quarter of mums have missed out on an important time in their children’s life due to work commitments.

The women said that their ideal work/life balance would be 37 per cent work and 63 per cent life, however, currently 85 per cent of their waking hours are spent working or thinking about work rather than truly relaxing*. A staggering 60 per cent of those surveyed dream of branching out on their own to improve their work/life balance, but have never taken the leap in to entrepreneurship. 45 per cent of women surveyed admitted they looked into how to start their own business but gave up because it seemed too complicated or they were too scared to make the jump.

Whilst some may want to leave their current job to pursue their own business, 80 per cent said they’d consider an online business in addition to their job in order to have extra income as long as the opportunity allowed them to run their business wherever they want and whenever they have time.

In support of the survey findings Avon is setting out to inspire, support and empower 50,000 people to become ‘digital entrepreneurs’ by the end of 2017 with the launch of their new digital platform, My Avon Store. My Avon Store offers a ready-made business, providing everyone with the confidence, tools and support they need to get started. With no upfront fee, all you need is a device and an internet connection to #WorkItYourWay and make the dreams of owning a business a reality.

Emma speakingEmma Jones, founder of small business support network Enterprise Nation, comments: ‘With lack of an idea or start-up capital being the greatest barriers to women starting a business, My Avon store, is the answer for both. No need for an idea when you can work with an established brand such as Avon. With no upfront fees, you’re able to start running your business online from day one and be earning by the end of the week. I’m delighted to support the Avon ambition of 50,000 new digital entrepreneurs, to add to the existing record number of StartUps we’re seeing across the UK.’

Setting up a business can be a challenge but two thirds of women said they would set up on their own if given the tools and support needed to get started. As well as launching My Avon Store to address this Avon has also created a downloadable business workbook together with Everywoman, the world’s largest network and learning and development platform for women in business and female entrepreneurs.

Maxine Benson MBE, Co-Founder, everywoman, the global membership organisation for women in business says; ‘Too often we don’t have that little bit of confidence needed to take the leap into business. It’s important to remember that confidence grows as we learn to trust ourselves and our ability. No matter our background or experience, we should learn to value our skills to stop any self-limiting beliefs. As we have found, many want to start their own business and try something new but just need a little support to get going. Avon provides the perfect way to start a business venture while having training and support available.

‘We’ve worked with Avon to create a workbook which will help anyone find the confidence within themselves to start their own business.’

Andrea Slater, Avon General Manager Western Europe, says: ‘The launch of My Avon Store is very exciting for new and existing Representatives. We are now living in a 24/7 world and it can often be hard to ‘live’ alongside work commitments. We know that many dream of being their own boss, so they can set their hours and reclaim some of the ‘life’ in the work-life balance, but many don’t have the confidence, tools or finances they need to get started. Setting up a business with Avon is now even easier with a unique ready-made online business model available to all with no upfront investment needed. A My Avon Store business offers everyone the flexibility and support to work in a way that suits them and plan their work around life.’

To learn more and set up your online Avon business today visit: www.avon.uk.com/become-a-representative

* Survey assumes waking hours are from 7am to 10pm so 105 hours per week. Survey showed average hours a week women feel they get to truly relax and have nothing to do with work is 14.46 hours. Survey carried out between 05/02/2016 and 09/02/2016 on 2,000 full/part-time employed UK women.

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