What Every Working Mother Should Have in Her Wardrobe

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As a mum, you know the routine of having to deal with about a million demands on your time and likewise needing clothing that can suit each situation. Mums require a wardrobe that is as versatile as the many roles that they play in their daily lives, from a school run to a day in the office, then on to take the kids to clubs or sports. Of course, let’s not forget that essential date night every once in a while, an evening out with girlfriends, or even just quality “me time”. So here is an outline of the staple items that should be in every working mum’s closet.

    • A Blazer

Everyone needs a good blazer in their collection. This can be a staple black that works well with everything, or you can go with something with a pop of colour that looks a little less business-formal and can be worn as an “out of the office” look as well. A blazer is one of the easiest ways to make any outfit instantly take on a more professional vibe. If you would like to gain some style inspiration, Peter Hahn has a beautiful collection of blazers that you can peruse, suitable for both professional and more laid-back looks.

    • Blue Jeans

Probably the most staple item in any wardrobe is a good pair of blue jeans. Jeans can be dressed up or down and incorporated into many looks. If you can only have one pair of jeans in your wardrobe, then we would suggest a clean, un-distressed dark wash in a straight leg; these will be easier to dress up and never go out of style. Finding that perfect pair of jeans is not always an easy task, but it is a worthwhile investment.

    • A White Button-Down Shirt

Although button-downs of every shade and colour are helpful to have, every mum needs to have at least one clean, crisp white button-down shirt. This shirt will work seamlessly under all blazers and sweaters, and work well alone paired with jeans and flats for a more weekend look. Find fashionable matching outfits on Matching Gear.

    • A Cardigan

A good cardigan is a must-have in a wardrobe. Grey is nice and versatile, easily paired with a business casual look for a more understated appearance than a blazer, or it can work well with a more casual top and jeans when you head to the park with the kids. As a mum, my closet is actually full of cardigans, but if you had to only incorporate one, it would be best to go with a grey, black, or brown to ensure that it can easily match to everything else in your wardrobe.

    • A Versatile Dress

Although some may recommend a pencil skirt, there is no way anyone is wearing a pencil skirt from the office to a date night, or to the kids’ school play. A good versatile dress, on the other hand, can be dressy enough to allow you to wear it out after work, but also comfortable and simple enough to suit that school run as well. The accessories can then really do all of the work – dressed up with a blazer or jewellery, or dressed down with a cardigan or flatter shoe.

    • Accessories

At least one pair of good pumps that can pass for both the office and a night out with friends or her partner is a fantastic option. Likewise, it is just as essential to have a great pair of flats for some of the more toned-down looks. Moving up from there, a fantastic statement bag that is stylish enough to dress up an outfit, but also simple enough that it doesn’t look out of place when you are at the grocery store is a must have. Although we would recommend black, since it goes with everything, feel free to go with bold colours here, since it is a statement bag after all. Finally, a good watch and a few elegant but prominent necklaces, as well as unique scarves, can go a long way to completing a look.

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