Can Jeff Brazier Show You How to be a Cool Dad?

jeffWatch our video featuring Jeff Brazier as he gives his top tips on how to boost your child’s perception of your ‘cool’ factor.

To the shock of parents around the nation, recent research conducted by Beko reveals that mums have officially been voted cooler and “more fun” than dads. More than three quarters of the nation’s children polled thought that mums officially pip dads to the post in the fun stakes, with more than half insisting that she was more of a laugh than dad.

However, ironically when parents were asked to rate their own fun factor, 71% of confident dads thought that THEY would be seen as the “fun” parent compared to a more modest 48% of mums. The majority of parents however agree it is a struggle to get the balance between being fun and also being disciplined with the children.

When asked why mums were considered more fun, 4 in 10 children said mothers not only hang out with them more but they share more laughs together,  with a third thinking they are the less strict parent. Mums also won on the coolness factor as they let their children watch their favourite TV shows, make their favourite food and play cool music.

Over half the kids surveyed then described dad as the breadwinner, while others identified them as the mischievous one and the most tired out of their parents.

While the life of the dad is a busy one what can fathers do the help their kids see them in a new light? Watch our video featuring Jeff Brazier as he gives us his tops tips on what to keep in mind. Something as simple as joining in the activities you organize or thinking ahead with your weekly shop could have massive impact on how your children see you and enhance your family life.



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