Four retro ways to have fun with the kids this summer

hula hoop 2Retro games and activities can involve everyone, it’s easy to let the children wander off and play in their own world without you, whilst you go off and get into general house work and lose track of time without getting involved. AXA PPP Healthcare has four retro ideas to keep your kids occupied this summer:

  • Get skating! I’m sure that most of us can remember having a pair of funky coloured quad skates at some point? Yes… roller skates, leg warmers, fluorescent head bands – I am sure you remember how much fun you had. Well the roller disco thing is back again and it’s big. The great thing about it is that the kids are getting fit by whizzing about, everyone is having great fun, and the activity is reasonably priced.
  • Let’s twist again! On days when you’re wanting to stay local to home, it’s a good idea to have a few fun surprises up your sleeve for the children. Some of the retro games we still have around, your children may have never played before. Twister is a fantastic example- it can be played inside on rainy days and in the garden when fair. You just need floor space for the plastic mat, and a good sense of humour. There is no limit to how many can play, but more than four can get a bit crowded. But if testosterone-fueled games are right up your alley, then you probably must check here first, for you’d thank this little diversion for years to come.
  • You can even think of it as a retro yoga class, and parents be warned, Twister is still as fun as it was the last time you played. As children tend to be more flexible than most adults, don’t be alarmed if they beat you, and be sure to bear in mind your own flexibility and any injuries whilst playing.
  • hula hoopBring back the hula hoop! Some retro games you were once familiar with have now been taken and used in modern exercise classes, the tram-pet (mini trampoline) for rebounding classes and the hula hoop for example. Hoops are really cheap to buy, you could invest in a few hoops for the family, and have your own core conditioning class in the garden! Hula hoops are a fantastic abdominal workout. Kids always want their parents to give it a try, so put the Sunday paper down for 10 minutes and go work those abs! If you don’t already have a full size trampoline in the garden bouncing on a tram-pet can be a great leg work out, or you could combine the two and you’ll have a fun workout for the day.
  • Hang around! A game of rounders in the park can help develop hand-eye coordination more as it involves batting, bowling and running. You can get larger groups of friends and family involved, and make a day of it by bringing a picnic too. Another fun way to teach and improve these skills is a simple swing ball, they don’t take up too much space and can be played alone or in pairs. They are a great idea for smaller children. The ball is attached to a rope, so your child’s attention is held for much longer periods and helps to improve skills faster.
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