Food on Friday: Healthy Eating Tips for Half Term

half-term-pancakes-in-the-sunIf you’re like me, everything goes awry in the kitchen at half term. No-one wants breakfast until midway through the morning, which means lunch is late too. My kids are old enough to sometimes want to make their own lunch, and other days will happily wait, hungry, until someone else makes it. And any time of the day they will rummage for treats and biscuits. So here are some tips that have works for us that give the whole family a chance of some healthy eating, even though it is half term.

Tip 1. Make some boundaries. Are you happy for anyone to help themselves to breakfast at any time? I try to make sure that the kids have eaten by nine thirty. And unless they are rushing off to a club or class, they have to clear up their own bowl and cereal packet. Doesn’t always work, but at least they know what they should be doing.

Tip 2. Make a plan for one main meal a day. Everyone needs to eat a healthy meal at some point during the day and snacks and fun food don’t have a long lasting effect, on my family at least. I generally plan for the main meal to be in the evening during school holidays and half terms, unless…

…Tip 3. Build in times for a treat. It works well at half term if I’ve got some vouchers to save money on a meal out. Sometimes we’ll have a treat, like a big plate of pancakes from our local diner. The kids love a carpet picnic with pizza and a movie, and popcorn is a healthy snack… although it depends if you like it salty or sweet. (My favourite is cinnamon popcorn) We balance out the treats with …

img_0239…Tip 4. Have lots of healthy snacks on hand. If I have pitta bread, carrots and cucumber and hummous even the seven year old can make a healthy lunch or snack. I’ll make sure the fruit bowl is full.

Finally, it all works best if you have a budget. Kids seem to eat more every holiday as they get bigger. A budget that covers lots of healthy food, and a few treats, will leave all the members of the family happy. If you want some more ideas, has collated five healthy foods that will actually save you money, and if you want even more money off your online shop they also have lots of Sainsbury’s vouchers


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