Forgotten how to have fun? Learn from the kids #funnyvideos

It’s a role reversal that you don’t often see…kids teaching their parents how to do something.

But with a new study showing that parents find it hard to keep up with their child’s imagination, could parents do with some help from their kids in learning how to let go and have fun?

The research, released to celebrate the launch of new ‘jobs’ on the Chad Valley Play Panel, reveals that parents themselves would like help and support to really harness their inner child and play with their children. In fact, a third say that they don’t feel they are imaginative enough, while one in 10 feel embarrassed when it comes to getting into the spirit of playtime.

If parents were given a helping hand at playtime, almost a third would love help with how to come up with new ideas, a quarter would like to revive their imagination and one in six are eager to learn how to put on character voices to help when telling their children stories.

To help parents learn how to be kids again, we took three kids and got them to give a mini masterclass to adults on how to tell a story, how to make a mess and how to build things – kids-style!

Watch the videos to see what happens.
How to Build Things

How to Tell a Story

How to Make a Mess


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