Debunking the Myths About Compatible Toner

ID-10067211If you’re fed up with paying what is essentially way over-the-odds for original brand toner for your laser printer, then you might be harbouring thoughts of buying compatible toner instead.

The trouble is that there have been so many myths and misconceptions promulgated over the years that just the thought of using compatible toner fills you with dread. You’ll ruin your printer and have to buy a new one, the cartridges just won’t work, or you’ll find you’ve been ripped off and sold cartridges full of dust! These erroneous ideas are preventing many people from finding affordable toner and so the sooner they’re debunked, the better. Let’s start here:

Myth One – Compatible toner is cheap, and not in a good way

Just because the toner is cheap doesn’t mean it’s nasty! You’ll find that the third party company that makes the compatible ink and the cartridge shell actually knows its stuff. For a start, it will make the toner to exactly the formulation that’s needed for the cartridge it’s standing in for. If it didn’t, then the cartridge won’t work because the grain size, weight and formulation has to be exact to work with the cartridge and printer it’s meant for. The cartridge shell itself has to be on-spec too, with new components and the exact measurements, or it simply won’t work and the company will be spending all its time (and money) on refunds! This defeats the object of running a company!

Myth Two – Compatible toner will ruin your printer

It’s an understandable fear, really. You worry that an unbranded toner cartridge will spill or leak into your printer, damaging it beyond repair and messing your carpets right up. OK, it’s a slight possibility, but realistically, no more likely with a compatible cartridge than with an original. Also, there’s always going to be slight leakage of powder with a toner cartridge – that’s just the way it is, so having a regular cleaning schedule will help a lot. However, do beware the seriously cheap toner – you should expect to save no more than 50% on compatibles; any more than this and you’re in dodgy territory. Always make sure that the supplier has a strong reputation and offers a money back guarantee – look at cartridgepeople, for example.

Myth Three – Compatibles are all as good as each other

It’d be great if this was true, but it’s not, and it’s the few dodgy companies out there that have given compatible inks and toners such a bad name. Yes, there are a handful of unscrupulous companies – and suppliers – who make or sell substandard cartridges that can cause problems. However, it’s easy to spot them – they don’t offer money back or replacement guarantees and their wares are incredibly cheap. If you think a deal is too good to be true…you know the rest. Look for good customer support and good reviews before you part with any money.

In short, buying compatible toner can be a great way to save money, but be sensible and look for well-established online retailers who are trusted and who offer advice and after-sales care. You won’t regret it.


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